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[f0b0af] (clisp_2_38-2006-01-24) by sds

regenerated for clisp 2.38 release

2006-01-24 15:57:50 Tree
[79ad6a] by sds

clisp 2.38 release

2006-01-24 15:54:51 Tree
[07fb69] by sds

(clean0): also remove *.core and *.stackdump

2006-01-23 21:10:33 Tree
[a5bc15] by sds


2006-01-23 20:54:17 Tree
[455b1e] by sds

stream-lock may fail with ENOLCK - in which case we do not test locking

2006-01-23 18:32:24 Tree
[4118ab] by sds

(find_memdump): when 'image size' fails, reset mem_start to -1

2006-01-23 16:00:56 Tree
[72db2f] by sds

regenerated: support Berkeley DB 4.4

2006-01-23 03:32:59 Tree
[3c669e] by sds

support Berkeley DB 4.4

2006-01-23 03:30:45 Tree
[96a2c6] by sds

fixed bug #[ 1412268 ]: buffer overflow in stream handling code
(real_path): check length of namein

2006-01-22 21:52:38 Tree
[93b636] by sds


2006-01-22 21:27:21 Tree
[4f2dd2] by sds

(find_memdump) [!LOADMEM_TRY_SEARCH]: disable find_marker()

2006-01-22 21:25:48 Tree
[e428de] by sds

(upload): also upload $(DOC_DIST)

2006-01-20 18:26:34 Tree
[8a4cf0] by sds

(distrib): also depend on doc-distrib
(doc-distrib, doc--distrib): new targets
(src-distrib): do not depend on potfiles because they are already
created by "all" and thus should not be re-created by "src-distrib"

2006-01-20 18:22:06 Tree
[edad42] by sds

fixed g++ compilation

2006-01-20 18:16:05 Tree
[682b4f] by sds

updated maintenance years

2006-01-20 17:15:23 Tree
[af90f7] by sds

(built_flags): report readline version

2006-01-20 16:16:52 Tree
[3a5312] by sds

(find_memdump): simplified (remove an intermediate variable)

2006-01-20 15:42:36 Tree
[1eaf93] by sds

(check-exec-image): new target
(CHECK_DEPS): added check-exec-image

2006-01-19 23:37:17 Tree
[7a8127] by sds

(check-exec-image): new target
(CHECK_DEPS): added check-exec-image

2006-01-19 23:11:23 Tree
[61ab0d] by sds

(find_memdump): reduce the portion of memdump_header_t used as marker to
comply with loadmem_from_handle(); use an intermediate variable to
ensure that the second argument to lseek(SEEK_END) is indeed negative

2006-01-19 21:55:30 Tree
[117193] by sds

(tab-c): new entity

2006-01-19 19:20:14 Tree
[4bb111] by sds

(find_memdump): simplified

2006-01-19 17:14:47 Tree
[fc2f0c] by sds

do not require FFI to test

2006-01-19 16:11:22 Tree
[2a1413] by sds

(loadmem_from_handle): use ABORT_SYS, ABORT_INI, ABORT_MEM instead of abort[123]

2006-01-18 21:37:29 Tree
[7e3bf7] by sds

speed-up image-in-executable loading
(savemem_with_runtime): set mem_start if it was -1
(savemem): append mem_start to the image
(loadmem_from_handle): assume that the image end with mem_start
(find_memdump): try to find mem_start at the end of the image first;
use the time-consuming (~1sec) find_marker() as a last resort

2006-01-18 21:22:49 Tree
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