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This is the source distribution of CLISP, an ANSI Common Lisp implementation.
Available from <ftp://ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu/clisp/latest/>.
More information at <http://clisp.org/>,
<http://clisp.sf.net/> and <http://www.gnu.org/software/clisp/>.


It consists of the following directories and files:


      INSTALL            this text
      SUMMARY            description, summary
      ANNOUNCE           announcement
      COPYRIGHT          copyright notice
      GNU-GPL            free software license


      src/_README        README master
      src/*.c            C source files
      src/*.d            C source files
      src/*.lisp         Lisp source files
      doc/*              documentation


      configure          main configuration script
      src/configure      auxiliary configuration script
      src/*.in           auxiliary files
      utils/*            auxiliary programs
      unix/              installing on Unix (including Mac OS/X & mingw)
      win32msvc/         installing on Win32, using MSVC


      src/gmalloc.c      a GNU malloc library routine

  modules:           add-on sofware
      modules/queens/    sample external module for CLISP for you to explore

    base:              normally included in all linking sets
      syscalls           portable OS call interface
      i18n               user program internationalization
      regexp             POSIX regular expressions
      readline           advances command line editing and history
    optional:          will be available in "clisp -K full"
        gdbm             interface to GNU DBM
        berkeley-db      interface to Berkeley DB from Sleepycat Software
        dirkey           windows registry
        postgresql       PostGreSQL RDMBS interface
        oracle           Oracle RDMBS interface
        libsvm           Support Vector Machine predictive analytics
        pari             PARI Computer Algebra System
        matlab           matrix calculations using Matlab
        netica           Bayesian belief networks and influence diagrams
      matching, file processing
        pcre             Perl-compatible regular expressions
        zlib             compress vectors
      communication, networking
        rawsock          low level socket interface
        dbus             interface to the D-Bus message bus system
        fastcgi          FastCGI interface for web development
        clx/mit-clx, clx/new-clx interfaces to Xlib
        gtk2             interface to the GTK library using glade
        glibc            interface to most of the GNU libc library
        win32            interface to some win32 functions


For instruction on how to install CLISP
* on Unix (including cygwin): see file unix/INSTALL.
* on Win32 using MinGW: see file unix/INSTALL.
* on Win32 using MSVC++: see file win32msvc/INSTALL.


        Bruno Haible
        Michael Stoll
        Marcus Daniels
        Pierpaolo Bernardi
        Sam Steingold

Email: <clisp-list@lists.sourceforge.net>

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