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File Date Author Commit
 benchmarks 2002-08-14 sds sds [1f5525] (benchmarks): when *BENCHMARK-TYPE* is nil, rea...
 doc 2004-03-17 sds sds [30a819] regenerated for 2.33
 emacs 2004-02-24 sds sds [cff349] (clisp-update-dates): avoid "free variable" war...
 ffcall 2004-03-16 sds sds [0c96ac] regenerated
 libcharset 2004-03-09 sds sds [cb1109] updated from
 modules 2004-03-12 haible haible [16cb88] Remove stray semicolon.
 nextapp 2001-06-29 sds sds [01a9e2] typo
 src 2004-03-17 sds sds [30a819] regenerated for 2.33
 tests 2004-03-12 haible haible [ac2697] Avoid a testsuite failure on BeOS.
 unix 2004-03-16 haible haible [2e91dc] Add notes about AIX 5.
 utils 2004-03-16 haible haible [9ebd79] Make the initializer of _subr_tab_size a consta...
 win32msvc 2004-03-17 sds sds [30a819] regenerated for 2.33
 .cvsignore 2001-10-25 sds sds [4f6213] added makemake
 ANNOUNCE 2002-03-23 sds sds [c56026] updated
 COPYRIGHT 2003-03-30 haible haible [93cceb] Remove paragraph that makes it sound like CLISP...
 GNU-GPL 2001-06-29 sds sds [01a9e2] typo
 INSTALL 2004-01-20 haible haible [eeaee7] Remove OS/2 support.
 Makefile.devel 2004-03-17 sds sds [66676d] (src/autoconf/aclocal.m4): get all configure files
 SUMMARY 2004-02-11 sds sds [e7bc13] clisp now has all of CLOS
 clisp.lsm 2004-03-17 sds sds [1a4fc7] release 2.33
 clisp.spec 2004-02-11 sds sds [5b90e4] (modules): use variable to list the modules in ...
 configure 2004-03-11 haible haible [33a4f1] We don't need libcharset as shared library. Fix...