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This is the source distribution of CLISP, a Common Lisp implementation.
Available from ftp://clisp.cons.org/pub/lisp/clisp/source/clispsrc.tar.gz.


It consists of the following directories and files:


      INSTALL            this text
      SUMMARY            description, summary
      ANNOUNCE           announcement
      COPYRIGHT          copyright notice
      GNU-GPL            free software license


      src/FILES.1        source documentation
      src/_README        README master
      src/_clisp.1       manual page master
      src/_impnotes.html implementation documentation master
      src/*.d            C source files
      src/*.il           auxiliary file
      src/*.lisp         Lisp source files
      doc/*              documentation


      configure          main configuration script
      src/configure      auxiliary configuration script
      src/machine.*      auxiliary program
      src/*.in           auxiliary files
      utils/*            auxiliary programs
      unix/              installing on Unix 
      os2/               installing on OS/2
      win32msvc/         installing on Win32, using MSVC
      win32bc/           installing on Win32, using Borland C/C++
      amiga/             installing on Amiga


      src/malloc/        a GNU malloc library routine
      src/gettext/       internationalization using GNU gettext
      src/termcap/       a GNU termcap library
      ffcall/            a foreign function call library
      src/readline/      a modified GNU readline library, readline-4.1 based
      modules/clx/       the CLX library, an interface to X11,
                         roughly equivalent to the libX11
      modules/wildcard/  foreign language module for wildcard matching
      modules/regexp/    foreign language module for Unix-style regular
                         expression matching and searching
      modules/queens/    sample external module for CLISP


For instruction on how to install CLISP
* on Unix: see file unix/INSTALL.
* on Amiga (AmigaOS): see file amiga/INSTALL.
* on OS/2: see file os2/INSTALL,
* on Win32 (WinNT, Win95): see files win32msvc/INSTALL and win32bc/INSTALL.


        Bruno Haible
        Michael Stoll
        Marcus Daniels
        Pierpaolo Bernardi
        Sam Steingold

Email: <clisp-list@lists.sourceforge.net>