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[b128cd] (snap-1998-08-29) by haible


1998-08-29 16:27:00 Tree
[551754] by haible

Bump version number.

1998-08-29 16:25:07 Tree
[47583f] by haible

Joerg 1998-08-27-amiga-doc.diffs

1998-08-29 16:03:28 Tree
[fda8a9] by haible

Joerg 1998-08-14-amiga2.diff

1998-08-29 16:00:09 Tree
[cba900] by haible

Add some changelog entries for preceding patches.

1998-08-29 15:48:50 Tree
[43507b] by haible

Ignore the tmp directory.

1998-08-29 15:47:46 Tree
[d93c02] by haible

Ignore some files: makemake

1998-08-29 15:46:42 Tree
[035b3c] by haible

Don't ignore the *.dvi files - they are in the repository.

1998-08-29 15:35:28 Tree
[54a1ec] by sds

Export `*print-right-margin*'.
CVS :----------------------------------------------------------------------

1998-08-24 21:17:23 Tree
[5b5f34] by sds

Ignore some files: Makefile and *.dvi

1998-08-16 17:08:49 Tree
[1e36d8] by sds

do not ignore *gmo.

1998-08-16 17:06:49 Tree
[7f0b28] by sds

(C_rexx_put): :host argument stack arithmetic was
broken, renamed variables to hopefully avoid confusion.

1998-08-14 18:52:45 Tree
[48c2bc] by sds

(mymalloc): retry case not needed with !TYPECODES.

1998-08-14 18:51:48 Tree
[6e2424] by sds

Return command exit code, better signal handling under AmigaOS
using SystemTags().

1998-08-14 18:50:36 Tree
[3f1861] by sds

Ignore some files.

1998-08-14 18:43:13 Tree
[2fb464] by sds

Ignore some files.

1998-08-14 18:33:10 Tree
[818f03] by sds

Add "./" before `makemake` since "." is not necessarily in the $PATH.

1998-08-14 18:31:03 Tree
[0aca8e] (snap-1998-08-12) by haible


1998-08-12 21:35:14 Tree
[6277bf] by haible

Deal with NO_TYPECODES and alignment < 4.

1998-08-12 21:32:43 Tree
[26c372] by haible


1998-08-09 22:29:46 Tree
[61175e] by haible

Bump version number.

1998-08-09 22:19:51 Tree
[ea570d] by haible


1998-08-09 22:09:26 Tree
[17a842] by haible


1998-08-09 21:38:39 Tree
[8ba57b] by haible


1998-08-09 21:35:18 Tree
[eb8071] by haible

Joerg 1998-08-05-sixbit_typecodes.diff

1998-08-09 21:26:37 Tree
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