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[840f66] by cvs2hg

convert CVS tags

2011-02-24 16:51:17 Tree
[ab5d15] by cvs2hg

artificial changeset: close fixup head 56ff7c7023e5 for tag release-2000-03-06

2011-02-24 16:51:16 Tree
[3023e9] by sds

update from Keld Simonsen <>

2011-02-17 15:05:22 Tree
[be29a6] by sds

* modules/clx/new-clx/clx.f (XLIB:CREATE-GCONTEXT):
use error_required_keywords()
Reported by Peter Van Eynde <>

2011-02-17 15:03:21 Tree
[5bb329] by sds


2011-02-15 22:53:54 Tree
[69290b] by vtz

[MULTITHREAD]: fix thread interrupt safety: defer interrupts until low level thread details are initialized

2011-02-10 23:11:55 Tree
[4d9455] by sds

tweak formatting

2011-01-25 20:33:23 Tree
[c31193] by sds

login before submitting bug reports

2011-01-25 16:48:45 Tree
[c6673f] by sds

fix bug#3153786: do not pass through comments because "#if" et al
are SSI directive which breaks clisp pages on

2011-01-23 04:36:02 Tree
[347bdc] by sds


2010-12-30 16:01:08 Tree
[e85c4a] by ampy

Condition fix in classify_namestring

2010-12-30 05:33:58 Tree
[d7c699] by sds


2010-12-30 01:43:39 Tree
[ab9e3b] by sds


2010-12-29 14:47:18 Tree
[c4374e] by ampy

Fixed bug#3144993: OS:FILE-INFO crashes when file's times are corrupted

2010-12-29 05:30:03 Tree
[4ba46c] by sds

Fix bug#3124200: setting *DEFAULT-PATHNAME-DEFAULTS* breaks REQUIRE
* src/init.lisp (open-for-load): accept ignore-pathname-defaults and
do not call MERGE-PATHNAMES if it is non-NIL;
use PROBE-PATHNAME instead of DIRECTORY to probe for a directory
(load): accept :IGNORE-PATHNAME-DEFAULTS and pass it to OPEN-FOR-LOAD;
pathname merging is done in OPEN-FOR-LOAD
(search-file): call PATHNAME instead of MERGE-PATHNAMES on the
argument to avoid being killed by *DEFAULT-PATHNAME-DEFAULTS*
* src/defs1.lisp (with-augmented-load-path): do not use UNION since
the augmentations must come first in *LOAD-PATHS*
(simple-require): pass :IGNORE-PATHNAME-DEFAULTS T to LOAD

2010-12-10 20:05:39 Tree
[cbc0f8] by sds

* src/gmalloc.c: update to upstream

2010-12-10 17:01:12 Tree
[2dee6f] by sds

update to upstream "2.011"

2010-12-10 16:59:46 Tree
[97204f] by sds

clisp-nxml-mode-hook: add

2010-12-10 16:56:28 Tree
[52ac8e] by sds

* Makefile.devel (update-gmalloc): new target: get gmalloc.c from emacs

2010-12-10 16:55:31 Tree
[04e240] by sds


2010-12-07 22:23:44 Tree
[bda282] by sds

* src/defs1.lisp (load-path-augmentations): delete NILs
(augment-load-path): remove
(with-augmented-load-path): use UNION instead of AUGMENT-LOAD-PATH
to avoid modifying the global value of *LOAD-PATHS*

2010-12-02 23:33:49 Tree
[a213af] by sds

* src/pathname.d (SET-LIB-DIRECTORY): call TRUENAME on argument to
ensure an existing absolute path

2010-12-02 01:16:05 Tree
[509a6a] by sds

remove junk mistakenly committed in 1.297

2010-12-02 00:22:33 Tree
[653662] by sds

fix bug#3122505: LOAD does not close FAS files with a bad version marker
* src/init.lisp (open-for-load): catch errors when READing the version marker

2010-11-29 21:42:49 Tree
[ff836a] by sds

* src/constsym.d, src/subr.d, src/subrkw.d, src/stream.d
(make_stream, stream_handles): define even when SOCKET_STREAMS is not defined

2010-11-26 17:12:17 Tree
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