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[5ad0f3] (libiconv_1_7) by cvs2hg

fixup commit for tag 'libiconv_1_7'

2001-06-27 23:02:49 Tree
[258bb4] by haible

Portability tweaks.

2001-06-27 23:02:48 Tree
[3dafa3] by haible

Portability fixes.

2001-06-27 22:51:28 Tree
[b5a6c5] by sds


2001-06-27 22:42:14 Tree
[b68993] by sds


2001-06-27 19:05:52 Tree
[ebda5a] by sds

added impnotes.html

2001-06-27 19:00:12 Tree
[dc16f9] by sds

added &socket-server;

2001-06-27 18:59:08 Tree
[4ee0d2] by sds


2001-06-27 18:57:58 Tree
[37ab6e] by sds

Fixed the win32/emacs bug when commands were ignored because of ^M

2001-06-27 18:52:21 Tree
[ea8f37] by sds

added strip_white()

2001-06-27 18:37:04 Tree
[35b380] by sds

pacify the msvc compiler a little bit

2001-06-27 18:10:02 Tree
[2c94fc] by sds

(bin-stream-test): added binary stream checks

2001-06-27 17:27:21 Tree
[74a8b3] by sds

mention binary i/o fix

2001-06-27 17:03:44 Tree
[59ca5a] by sds

non-whole byte i/o finally works

2001-06-27 16:46:11 Tree
[4971f7] by sds

more IDs

2001-06-26 21:16:58 Tree
[c651b4] by sds

updated links to clisp.html

2001-06-26 16:21:04 Tree
[83a692] by sds

rewrote in xhtml

2001-06-26 16:19:37 Tree
[f09f46] by haible

Update for release 1.7.

2001-06-26 15:35:01 Tree
[758381] by haible

Mention Hironori Sakamoto.

2001-06-26 15:13:19 Tree
[bdbf6d] by haible


2001-06-26 15:10:15 Tree
[3bdbd2] by haible

Change handling of Yen sign and tilde in Japanese encodings.

2001-06-26 15:08:37 Tree
[dfa1e2] by haible

Change handling of Yen sign and tilde in JISX encodings, for consistency
with glibc.

2001-06-26 15:08:13 Tree
[662953] by sds

8: mention modules

2001-06-26 15:04:49 Tree
[9e5a14] by haible

Mention $(INCLUDES) before $(CPPFLAGS) and $(CFLAGS), in case one of these
contains -I directives.

2001-06-25 22:14:38 Tree
[1a5f6e] (libcharset_1_1) by cvs2hg

fixup commit for tag 'libcharset_1_1'

2001-06-25 12:49:10 Tree
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