clisp Log

Commit Date  
[4ca0a6] (release-1999-01-08) by sds

create source tar; added comments.

1999-01-10 19:50:37 Tree
[74b21f] by sds

Updated for 1999-01-08 release.

1999-01-10 19:48:43 Tree
[438296] by sds

Supply full path to gmsgfmt

1999-01-09 22:33:33 Tree
[949bd7] by sds

Supply full path to comment5

1999-01-09 22:33:15 Tree
[bc643d] by sds

rebuilt by makefile.devel

1999-01-09 22:27:56 Tree
[5d0dda] by sds

Makefiles remade...

1999-01-09 20:55:36 Tree
[4471d8] by sds

reformat %description

1999-01-07 19:54:28 Tree
[3e2a86] by sds

CLISP implements ANSI, not CLtL1.

1999-01-07 19:53:23 Tree
[158c04] by sds

Mention Yahoo! Store as running CLISP and CLISP's bignum performance
at the end.

1999-01-07 19:49:30 Tree
[891a9c] by sds

Fixed doc and full installation. Works now.

1999-01-07 19:23:24 Tree
[4a50c3] by haible

Fix compilation problem on glibc2 systems.

1999-01-07 16:29:33 Tree
[e93fde] by sds

Commented out *gammaf?_*

1999-01-07 16:07:05 Tree
[aa622c] by haible


1999-01-07 14:00:23 Tree
[f0b565] by haible

Clean up the big `open_file' mess a bit. Improve efficiency on AMIGAOS
(and lose efficiency on RISCOS).

1999-01-07 13:54:43 Tree
[f94cc7] by haible

Clean up duplicate code.

1999-01-07 13:51:24 Tree
[d104b7] by haible

Ulrich Drepper has removed the declaration of __setfpucw.

1999-01-07 13:39:59 Tree
[806168] by haible

Change installation directory.

1999-01-07 13:35:27 Tree
[3fbe58] by haible

When getwd and getcwd both exist, prefer getcwd.
When getcwd does not exist, use getwd.

1999-01-07 13:30:53 Tree
[b4264a] by sds

socket_getlocalname returns host_data*, not char*.

1999-01-05 22:07:43 Tree
[b5130e] by haible

Find a better way to remove garbage files.

1999-01-05 21:15:00 Tree
[f69102] by haible


1999-01-05 21:11:19 Tree
[dd7f3b] by haible

Fix interoperability with libtool.

1999-01-05 21:01:41 Tree
[e284b2] by haible

Fix a compile error.

1999-01-05 20:59:23 Tree
[47e1f5] by haible


1999-01-05 20:58:00 Tree
[9c2715] by haible

Change date.

1999-01-05 20:57:17 Tree
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