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[10a4a5] (release-1999-07-22) by cvs2hg

fixup commit for tag 'release-1999-07-22'

2000-02-18 22:04:11 Tree
[53db25] by cvs2hg

fixup commit for branch 'release-2000-Feb'

2000-02-18 22:04:10 Tree
[dcdf23] by haible

Remove extraneous definition of oint_symbolflags_shift.

2000-02-18 22:04:09 Tree
[c66273] by haible

Avoid compilation error with C++ compiler.

2000-02-15 13:39:56 Tree
[3b58eb] by haible

New record: "make test" in 26 seconds!

2000-02-07 13:13:43 Tree
[4232c1] by haible

Accept hppa-2.0n CPU name.

2000-02-03 20:06:29 Tree
[bfe2ca] by haible

Update dates and FSF address.

2000-01-28 20:26:51 Tree
[f8a3f6] by haible


2000-01-28 20:14:57 Tree
[665fa1] by haible


2000-01-27 12:58:34 Tree
[5b6519] by haible

Bump version number.

2000-01-26 12:02:59 Tree
[9f1b56] by haible

A historical document.

2000-01-24 13:31:47 Tree
[98838d] by haible

Permit setting *terminal-encoding* to an iconv based stream.

2000-01-24 13:29:22 Tree
[9efccf] by haible

Add EILSEQ description.

2000-01-24 13:25:03 Tree
[333e80] by haible

Better info about ISO/8859-* character sets, taken from ISO-8859-16 draft.
ISO-8859-1 also applies to Breton, Cornish, Frisian, Greenlandic, Latin,
Luxemburgish, Raeto-Romanic.
ISO-8859-2 is also for Sorbian, but for Rumanian ISO-8859-16 is better.
ISO-8859-3 is not good for Galician and Turkish.
ISO-8859-4 also applies to Sami.
Improve explanations for ISO-8859-9 to ISO-8859-14.

2000-01-24 13:22:58 Tree
[823310] by haible

Recognize ISO-8859-3 locales.

2000-01-24 13:21:11 Tree
[c7f827] by haible

Use libiconv on all platforms.

2000-01-24 13:19:11 Tree
[057bf6] by haible

Upgrade to libiconv-1.1.

2000-01-24 13:06:59 Tree
[7c9a66] by haible

Support for ISO-8859-16 character set.

2000-01-24 11:48:45 Tree
[485937] by haible

Fix a mistake in last rewrite of

2000-01-24 11:43:59 Tree
[c3fcb2] by sds

do not build in src and you won't need .cvsignore

2000-01-19 21:08:10 Tree
[6a404a] by haible

Use minus sign instead of hyphens in many places. On ASCII terminals you
didn't see the difference, but on UTF-8 terminals you do.

2000-01-15 00:13:55 Tree
[f40c94] by haible

Change to

2000-01-15 00:03:01 Tree
[47b059] by haible

Remove wrong declaration.

2000-01-14 23:51:40 Tree
[cc14dc] by sds

fixed the name of the ANSI standard

2000-01-14 19:10:04 Tree
[2baa5b] by sds

comment fix

2000-01-14 15:30:34 Tree
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