#651 armv6l/armhf: internal compiler error in intparam.c

build problems
clisp (525)

System is a Raspberry Pi:

% uname -a
Linux tinkerbell 3.1.9+ #272 PREEMPT Tue Aug 7 22:51:44 BST 2012 armv6l GNU/Linux
% cat /proc/cpuinfo
#Processor : ARMv6-compatible processor rev 7 (v6l)
BogoMIPS : 697.95
Features : swp half thumb fastmult vfp edsp java tls
CPU implementer : 0x41
CPU architecture: 7
CPU variant : 0x0
CPU part : 0xb76
CPU revision : 7

Hardware : BCM2708
Revision : 0002
Serial : 00000000b096e6b2

Output from build:
echo '#include "config.h"' > tmp.c
cat 'intparam.c' >> tmp.c
gcc -march=armv6 -mfpu=vfp -mfloat-abi=hard tmp.c -o intparam
tmp.c: In function ‘main5’:
tmp.c:423:1: internal compiler error: in elimination_costs_in_insn, at reload1.c:3633
Please submit a full bug report,
with preprocessed source if appropriate.
See <file:///usr/share/doc/gcc-4.6/README.Bugs> for instructions.
Preprocessed source stored into /tmp/ccTpy3rO.out file, please attach this to your bugreport.
make: *** [intparam.h] Error 1

I tracked this down to the following two calls:
test_integer_casts(schar,longlong,"char","long long",char_bitsize,longlong_bitsize,2);
test_integer_casts(schar,ulonglong,"char","unsigned long long",char_bitsize,ulonglong_bitsize,2);

Commenting both lines out allowed the build to continue, but of course I'm not sure if there's still a bug around, either related to the platform, the compiler or clisp.


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