#332 clisp-link run does not work w/o dynamic modules

build problems
modules (18)

If you run "clisp-link run ..." and do not have
dynamic modules, you get an error "/tmp/gtwhatever
already exists".

First, run) calls func_tmpdir that creates the
directory, and then add-module-sets) calls make_dest
that checks that the directory does not exist.

clisp-2.38, built on Linux.

Last few lines of clisp-link.in are relevant.


  • Sam Steingold

    Sam Steingold - 2006-11-21
    • milestone: --> build problems
    • assigned_to: haible --> sds
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Sam Steingold

    Sam Steingold - 2006-11-21

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    thank you for your bug report.
    the bug has been fixed in the CVS tree.
    you can either wait for the next release (recommended)
    or check out the current CVS tree (see http://clisp.cons.org\)
    and build CLISP from the sources (be advised that between
    releases the CVS tree is very unstable and may not even build
    on your platform).


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