#245 makefile error on win32 msvc6 build

build problems
clisp (524)
John Small

CLisp 2.33.80

makefile.msvc6(d) line 820

Using nmake the

if ; then; else fi

is not a valid construct, i.e.

if cmp cflags.h.new cflags.h > /dev/null 2>&1; then
${RM} cflags.h.new; else ${MV} cflags.h.new cflags.h; fi

If I comment that line out the overall build fails on the
spvw_memfile.d file with for example the error on line 1332


error C2064: term does not evaluate to a function


  • Sam Steingold

    Sam Steingold - 2005-02-14
    • milestone: 100335 --> build problems
    • assigned_to: sds --> ampy
  • John Small

    John Small - 2005-02-14

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    This statement:

    if cmp cflags.h.new cflags.h > /dev/null 2>&1; then
    ${RM} cflags.h.new; else ${MV} cflags.h.new cflags.h; fi

    should read $(RM) and $(MV) instead of ${RM} and ${MV}

    Also ssize_t throughout the files should read size_t.

    And the cccp generates extra semicolons that cause stream.d
    to start failing at line 4855. Perhaps this is due to the
    CFLAGS that MSVC 6 doesn't understand like:

    -Os -Oy -Ob1

  • Jörg Höhle

    Jörg Höhle - 2006-02-23

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    I built clisp/cvs with MSVC6 today, after applying a tiny
    patch to win32aux.d The testsuite passes, as well as
    the new check-exec-image in 2.38.

    makefile/makemake.in does not contain the offending lines

    Here are the compiler flags I used
    CC = cl $(MFLAGS) -G5 -Ot -Oy -Ob1 -Gs -Gf -Gy -Og -W4
    (be prepared for thousands of warnings from -W4).
    -Os should work as well, but I was interested in -Ot.

  • Jörg Höhle

    Jörg Höhle - 2006-02-23
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