Query system and version 6.24

  • Xavier Dupont

    Xavier Dupont - 2008-12-02


    The section 12.9.12 in the Basic Programming Guide for the versin 6.24 mentions the query system functions, such as find-fact and so on, but clips answers with an annoying "Missing function declaration" when using them.

    I'm using the ubuntu package at home (date 06/15/06), and debian at my university.

    • Gary Riley

      Gary Riley - 2008-12-03

      Enter an (options) command. If queries are enable you should see the following, otherwise you will need to create a new executable (modify the flag for FACT_SET_QUERIES in setup.h and recompile the source).

               CLIPS (V6.24 06/15/06)
      CLIPS> (options)
      Deftemplate construct is ON
        Fact-set queries are ON
        Deffacts construct is ON


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