vranoch - 2012-04-03

Hello, I met a crash in FactJNGetVar3() function (factrete.c) when executing the following rule:

(defrule if ""
    (exists (SAD H H04 ?H04)
            (SAD G ?G G11 ?G11)
                (test (eq  ?H04 "IN")) 
                (test (eq  ?G11 "IN"))
    (exists (SAD T ?T T01 ?T01)
            (test (eq "BEML" ?T01))
    (printout t "TRUE" crlf)

with the following facts:

(SAD H H04 "IN")
(SAD G 1 G11 "IN")
(SAD T 3 T01 "BEML")

The problem seems to be solved in 6.30 (at least the corresponding part of code is changed). Is there any "easy" way how to fix this still in 6.24?

Thanks Vranoch