jianliao - 2011-05-25

Can't load CLIPSLib and aslo can't rebuild

         According to earlier posts, there is someone who mentioned this problem,but I still

haven't slove this problem. Situation is such:When I use this CLIPSNet,I will get the

following error:

    Unable to load DLL 'CLIPSLib': This application has failed to start because the

application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

(Exception from HRESULT: 0x800736B_1)

      According to earlier posts,the proper way to setup a new CLIPSNet project is to

reference CLIPSNet.dll and make sure that CLIPSLib.dll is in the same location (since it

can't  be loaded into a .NET project). This does not work for me on Windows XP, C#,  Visual

Studio 2008 or Visual Studio 2010.

    I have placed both DLLs in the root source code directory so that it can be found when
running from the IDE. I've also placed them in the bin\Debug and Release directories
(since the build does not copy them there) and run the EXEs from those directories.
None of these work.To izya's mind, I also put the dll to system or system32 folder,
but it also does not  work.
    Finally, also according to earlier posts, I try to rebuild the Dll(download the source  code
<"monoclips">,put it in the project directory,try to rebuild the CLIPSLib project(doesn't the full solution)).
However the partial rebuild doesn't succeed,since it can't find  the interfaces files.For example "..\interfaces\multifield_wrap.cxx" ,"..\interfaces\deftemplate_warp.cxx" and so on.
I try to do it in Visual Studio 2008 and also in Visual Studio 2010,but they exist the same problem.
Can anybody help me? Please let me know as to how I can download these interfaces(source code doesn't include these files.) What should be default directory for these or how can I rebuild the Dlls.