Installing on Debian 4.0

  • Daniel Minahim

    Daniel Minahim - 2008-07-31

    I followed the instructions for the Slackware posted in the clipsmm-users mailing list and it worked until ./configure
    when I make all I get a :

    environment.cpp: In static member function 'static void* CLIPS::Environment::get_function_context(void*)':
    environment.cpp:749: error: 'GetEnvironmentFunctionContext' was not declared in this scope

    What's missing?
    Thanks already

    • Cgoln

      Cgoln - 2009-07-21

      i have the same problem when i want to install clipsmm on Ubuntu.
      Could anyone help me ?

      Thanks already

      • Rick L. Vinyard, Jr.

        CLIPS 6.24 is missing support for function context variables which is necessary to create the wrapper. The CLIPS project released a patch for this named, and that patch is included in the Fedora/RHEL CLIPS packages.

        I have put a copy of the files that are used in the Fedora package in the clipsmm files section.

        For any platform other than Fedora/RHEL you'll have to either patch and rebuild CLIPS yourself, or file a bug report (preferably against the Debian package so it gets fixed in both Debian/Ubuntu) to get the patch included.

        If you do file a BR, you might let the Debian packager know about the other files, as there are at least two other bug patches.


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