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clipsmm 0.1.0 released

  • Rick L. Vinyard, Jr.

    This is primarily a cleanup release. Several checks have been added for
    CLIPS function context support, which is required whether you are using
    clips 6.30 or a patched 6.24.

    The docs have been restructured a bit and are now distributed as their
    own package because of their size.

    The primary clipsmm.h header has also been moved into a higher level
    directory. Therefore you would replace:
      #include <clipsmm/clipsmm.h>
      #include <clipsmm.h>

  • Shouddy Tárano León

    Hello Rick
    I'm trying to start using clipsmm on fedora (12 and 14), so i used yum for clipsmm-devel and clipsmm with their corresponding dependencies. The problem is when i tryed to compile the example i could not achieved it. Is there any tip i need to follow for make the examples to work? I've check on the clipsmm site but no i'm still unlighted
    I really  appreciate any advice

  • Rick L. Vinyard, Jr.

    If you're compiling from the command line you might be missing the -std=c++0x option.


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