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Clieop03 Tools / News: Recent posts


Posted by zwartetoorts 2011-01-27

Running towards out-of-unstable

Well, this says it all. I've had some bugreports and comment on other forums. All bugs reported have been taken care of.
Slowly, but surely, someday there will be a stable release of Clieop03 Tools

Posted by zwartetoorts 2010-11-20

More testing done

Surely but slowly moving to unstable release 0.2

Posted by zwartetoorts 2010-02-25

Second binary release for win32

I build the second release of the Clieop03 Tools yesterday.
It comes as a single download for windows. The installer will install all 4 parts of the Clieop03 Tools.
This release features the GUI tool Clieop Editor. It allows you to create and edit Clieop03 files.
Importing different formats like CSV and XML will be in the next release.
As with all beta software this release is mainly for testing purposes.

Posted by zwartetoorts 2010-01-22

First binary release

I've built the first binary beta release and uploaded it to the project. This is a highly untested beta release. Incassobatches have been tested, zakelijke betalingen haven't.
I am looking for people willing to test clieop03 files created by this software. I don't have any method of testing other than manually checking the clieop03 structure since I don't have third party clieop03 software.
If you have clieop03 software, let me know.

Posted by zwartetoorts 2009-01-11