Windows 7 shuts down unexpectedly

  • Ian Newlands

    Ian Newlands - 2009-09-08


    This app used to work with a previous version for me on Windows 7 x64, and since I upgraded recently it no longer works.  Everytime I apply changes in the config it shuts down unexpectedly.

    Any suggestions?


    • Alan Howie

      Alan Howie - 2009-09-09

      I dont seem to understand what has shut down; Is it "Clicky Gone" or  "Clicky Gone Config" thats shuting down.

      I have never tested this on Windows 7 or on a x64. Free software means low funds. lol

      The latest version comes with a check for changes feature, Its very new to the build and seem'd to work fine. Im thinking this could be the problem,  or It could be a communication time out error between the two apps. Do you get any errors displayed?

      Can you recreate the steps for me please?

      Thanks for the feed back.


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