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Release version 1.3.2(2)

  • Fixed bug where back does not close application.
Posted by Derrick Barlow 2012-02-05

Release version 1.3.2

  • New metronome layout.
  • Main three main activities home screen.
  • Added portrait layout for all screens.
  • Added orientation mode preference.
  • Added close on back pressed when in home screen preference.
  • Added fullscreen preference.
  • Added show menu preference.
Posted by Derrick Barlow 2012-02-05

Now available on Android Market

Posted by Derrick Barlow 2012-01-31

Release version 1.3.1

  • New icon.
  • Fixed closing and tool switching bug.
  • Fixed notification not hiding in exit bug.
Posted by Derrick Barlow 2012-01-31

Release version 1.3.0

  • Change position of click track marker.
  • Delete click track marker.
  • Add click track marker.
  • Added help.
  • Added XML editor tool.
  • Added WAV to MP3 tool.
Posted by Derrick Barlow 2012-01-25

Version 1.3.0 progress

We are currently working toward release version 1.3.0. This version will add the following features:

  • Editing of a click track.
  • Exporting a click track to an xml file.
  • Importing a click track from an xml file.

Revision 17 allows the user to edit marker, but not add, remove or reorganize them which will be added in the next release version.

Posted by Derrick Barlow 2012-01-21

Release version 1.2.1

  • Change metronome to only create on start playing.
  • Fix auto load bug.
  • Add only show notification while busy.
  • Make all activities use same preferences.
  • Added about screen to home screen list.
  • Added exit to home screen list.
  • Fixed minor bugs in beat grouping and beat division.
Posted by Derrick Barlow 2012-01-19

Release version 1.2.0

  • Divided the click track generator into two part: generator and player.
  • Created a home screen, that is used to switch between features.
  • Cleaned up code a bit. (Still requires comments though...) revision 15
Posted by Derrick Barlow 2012-01-18

Release version 1.1.2

Fixed slow MP3 conversion and busy dialogs.

Posted by Derrick Barlow 2012-01-15

Release version 1.1.1

Converts generated click track to MP3. Process is still very slow (for some reason), but we are working on fixing this soon.

Posted by Derrick Barlow 2012-01-14

Release version 1.1

Released version 1.1 which allows Click Track to generate a click track from an smt (Steinberg Master Track) file.

Posted by Derrick Barlow 2012-01-13