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leds-clevo-mail is in mainline Linux kernel

The leds-clevo-mail driver was accepted and is now included in the mainline Linux kernel. The first release version of Linux kernel is 2.6.25 which includes this driver.

Posted by Márton Németh 2008-04-25

Clevo Mail LED v0.5 released - models M5x0V and D410V added

The release contains autodetection for Clevo notebook models D410J, D410V, M540N, M5x0V (Positivo Mobile). Driver patch included for Linux kernel 2.6.20 and 2.6.21.

Posted by Márton Németh 2007-05-26

Clevo Mail LED v0.4 released - model M540N added

An updated mail LED driver for Linux 2.6.20 is released, currently the Clevo D410J and Clevo M540N models are detected.

Posted by Márton Németh 2007-04-01

Clevo Mail LED v0.3 released

The Clevo Mail LED v0.3 is released for Linux kernel 2.6.20. The mail LED of Clevo D4J, model D410J laptop is accessible through the leds subsystem. The mail LED can blink with about 0.5Hz and 1Hz.

Posted by Márton Németh 2007-03-17

Mail LED Linux 2.6 driver v0.2 for Clevo D410J released

This is the first release for Clevo Mail LED kernel level driver. The driver is accessable through from user space through the input subsystem, an example userspace program is also included. The LED can blink at about 0.5Hz or at about 1Hz.

Posted by Márton Németh 2006-11-18