Problem with PortalBootstrapperLoader

  • mohi

    mohi - 2012-07-28

    I and my friend are reading the chapters of the book(enterprise development with flex) carefully and run the codes of the each chapter  , when I read the sample Flex Portal (chapter 7 page 379 ) , we encountered the following error and we have done our best to solve the problem but  we couldn't do that , if you guide me , I would much appreciate that:
       In the process of  running  the sample Flex  portal (chapter 7 page 379) using the PortalBootstrapLoader class,for setting up The PortalBootstrpLoader , I created an new actionscript project in flash builder and copy  the sources files of PortalBootstrap folder( located in chapter 7 source code of Enterprise Develoment with Flex Book). , I configured this project for running on the server (I configure output folder of this project
    C:\Program Files (x86)\…..\apache-tomcat-7.0.27\webapps\Portal\BootStrapper and configure output and folder url as http://localhost:8080/Portal/BootStrapper/.)
      When I ran  the sample Flex  portal (chapter 7 page 379) using the PortalBootstrapLoader class , I run this in the browser :http://localhost:8080/Portal/Bootstrapper/portalBootstrapLoaer.html?app=/Portal/SamplePortal.swf
    I encounter this error
    Error: Signleton should not be in the bootstrap loader.
        at PortalBootstrapLoader()
    I would much appreciate if you guide me to solve the above problem.

  • VictorRasputnis

    VictorRasputnis - 2012-07-28

    1. Remove the second "if… throw" in the constructor of the PortalBootstrapLoader as it is not relevant for 4.6
    2. Please do not post unrelated questions in ClearTookit forum
    Kind Regards,


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