Cann't find the package com/ibm/rational/wvcm

  • Nagaraja Manchikalapati

    I am trying to run ccexec task using ant. I am getting the following error:
    Where can i get find com/ibm/rational/wvcm/stp/* classes.

                <arg value="@{type}"/>
                <arg line="-c '@{comment}' @{extra-args}"/>
                <arg value="@{element}"/>


    tlib/antlib.xml:13: taskdef A class needed by class net.sourceforge.clearantlib.
    CQBuildRecord cannot be found: com/ibm/rational/wvcm/stp/Repository

    • buildmeister

      buildmeister - 2006-11-09

      The required libraries are part of Rational Java Team API. They are part of the 7.0 release. If you have not got access to the libraries then you can download them from here:

      I will update the documentation/installer accordingly.


    • Piyush Sharma

      Piyush Sharma - 2008-11-07

      I am calling following macro:

      <macrodef name="cc-apply-label">
                  <attribute name="label"/>

                  <attribute name="plevel"    default="BUILT"/>
                  <attribute name="startloc"  default="."/>
                      <!-- create a new label type -->
                          <arg value="mklbtype"/>
                          <arg value="@{label}"/>
                      <!-- apply the label -->
                          <arg value="mklabel"/>
                          <arg value="-recurse"/>
                          <arg value="@{label}"/>
                          <arg value="@{startloc}"/>
                      <!-- apply the promotion level to the label -->
                          <arg value="mkattr"/>
                          <arg value="PromotionLevel"/>
                          <arg value="&quot;@{plevel}&quot;"/>
                          <arg value="lbtype:@{label}"/>


      <cc-apply-label label="${label}" plevel="BUILT"/>

      in my build script and the script is being run by apache-ant-1.7.0 for setting up the cruise control on clearcase.

      I have copied all the jar files under teamapi.7.0.1\apps folder to the lib file of the ant. but still getting the error:

      !/net/sourceforge/clearantlib/antlib.xml:13: taskdef A class needed by class net.sourceforge.clearantlib.CQBuildRecord cannot be found: com/ibm/rational/wvcm/stp/Repository

      Can anyone please help me if I am doing anything wrong :(...


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