Claws Mail 3.7.0 unleashed!!

19th December 2008 Claws Mail 3.7.0


Claws Mail is a GTK+ based, user-friendly, lightweight, and fast
email client.

New in this release:

* Expanding/Collapsing of threads is now approximately 95% faster.

* Cache reading is now approximately 10% faster.

* The shortcut key settings of the main window and the message list
context menus are now connected.

* The preferences on the 'Other' page have now been moved to
Other/Miscellaneous. The parent pages are now unselectable and the
first page is automatically selected on opening the preferences.

* In the Compose window, on the Others tab, the 'Save message to'
entry now has a drop-down list of the previous save locations.

* In the Compose window, the Attachments Properties window is now
confirmed and closed with the Return key.

* When using an external editor to compose messages, the message is
automatically saved to Drafts when the external editor is closed.

* A hidden option has been added, 'primary_paste_unselects' which
causes the primary buffer to be cleared and the insertion point to
be repositioned when the middle mouse button is used for pasting
text. It is turned off by default.

* In the Actions window, the Escape key now cancels the action

* Offline SSL certificate verification has been added.

* Privacy plugins: The decryption failure messages are now shown
in the NoticeView just above the message text rather than in a
popup window.

* Privacy plugins: when listing the UIDs during a signature check,
show the UID validity

* tools/kdeservicemenu
Support for kde4 has been added.

* tools/
Support for reusing existing POPFile session ID has been added.

* win32: better integration has been implemented by using the
standard file associations.

* The user manuals have been updated.

* Updated Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Catalan, Dutch, Finnish,
French, German, Hungarian, Russian and Swedish translations.

* Added Czech translation.

* Removed unmaintained Serbian and Slovak translations.

* Bug fixes:
o bug 1591, 'S/MIME: better key handling/selection dialog'
o bug 1711, 'Save-as attachment crashes'
o bug 1736, 'Key import does not work'
o bug 1746, 'Makes a mailto link from several paragraphs'
o bug 1756, "Outdated translators list in About dialogue"
o bug 1768, 'claws-mail crashes while checking smime bad
o bug 1771, 'Folder template gets truncated when exiting the
o bug 1776, 'use encoded name parameters for attachments
instead of ascii'
o bug 1779, 'PGP Inline badly handles multipart'
o bug 1789, 'filtering account selection (regression)'
o bug 1796, 'PGP/MIME setting: "select key by your email
address" doesn't work'
o fix building with gnuTLS on (Open)Solaris
o fix account selection in Mailing list menu
o fix "display sender using addressbook" when
prefs_common.swap_from is in use.
o win32: fix unlinking, renaming and bug with non-ascii
o win32: fix getting content-type
o win32: prevent multiple launch
o win32: fix Start menu update after registering as default
Mail app

For further details of the numbered bugs listed above consult

See ChangeLog for full information regarding changes in this release.

Posted by Paul Mangan 2008-12-19

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