Claws Mail 3.6.0 unleashed!!

3rd October 2008 Claws Mail 3.6.0


Claws Mail is a GTK+ based, user-friendly, lightweight, and fast
email client.

Notes for this release:

* Claws Mail now requires libetpan 0.56 for IMAP and NNTP

* Spell checking is now provided by Enchant instead of Aspell. To
build spell checker support, you will need the libenchant headers.

* The S/MIME plugin is now part of this package.

* IMAP, NNTP, and SSL are now supported in the Windows port.

New in this release:

* Support for client SSL certificates.

* Better support of SSL certificate stores, to be able to verify
server certificates.

* Renaming of newsgroups is possible.

* "Always open message when selected" can now have three values:
'Never', 'Always' and 'When message view is visible'.

* Unsaved server passwords can now be temporarily saved for the
duration of the session. They can be cleared before the session
expires by using '/Tools/Forget all session passwords'.

* Auto-wrapping settings are now saved in drafted messages.

* Support for basic auto-indentation in the Compose window.

* Support for animated GIFs in the message view.

* Type-ahead search in Filtering, Templates, Actions dialogs now
select the result of the search.

* Finer granularity in POP3 accounts' Remove After delay - hours in
addition to days.

* Spam/Ham flag is now stored on IMAP server when possible, using
"Junk" and "NonJunk" keywords.

* Use less precise intervals when possible for auto-checking, thus
the CPU is woken up less frequently.

* The warning icon in the main window is cleared when the error it
relates to is clipped from the network log.

* IMAP errors now reveal the server on which they happen.

* All deprecated GTK interfaces have been replaced with their
non-deprecated equivalents.

* Added support for FoxMail.

* Updated translations: British English, Bulgarian, Catalan, Dutch,
Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian,
Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Swedish.

* Bug fixes:
o bug 1620, 'Can't use hardware zoom buttons' (MAEMO)
o bug 1398, 'Change current account available even when
there's only one account'
o bug 1609, 'Icon issues'
o bug 1673, 'Tools/Harvest Addresses is greyed out if
folder is empty'
o bug 1681, 'GnuPG plugin doesn't compile on Solaris"
o bug 1684, 'View news messages with large attachments
o bug 1688, 'Compilation problems on MingW32'
o bug 1690, 'Copy/paste in edit window may break Undo'
o bug 1696, 'Viewing binary attachments as text over
1MB' (various buglets)
o bug 1699, 'Separator line misplaced when printing
emails with long header lines'
o bug 1412, 'Sign reply if mail was signed'
o bug 1707, 'Segfault when sorting on hidden column'
o bug 1710, 'User misreads Discard Message as Discard
Changes'. Closing a modified re-edited draft will
now ask whether to discard changes
o bug 1712, 'Invalid Phishing attempt warning when linked
text ends with spaces'
o bug 1723, 'Buffer overflow crash caused by
preview in 'Date format help' dialog box'
o bug 1725, 'useless lines in clawsrc'
o Fixed compilation with GTK 2.14
o Fixed some memory leaks
o Fixed upgrading of themes
o Fixed po-headers appearing on empty templates
o Fixed folderview's scrollbar state when starting minimized,
and popping up is done via command line
o Fixed race condition when closing the Plugins window while a
plugin is loading
o Fixed missing localityName (l) field in LDAP
o Fixed wild rewrapping when adding text to start of some long
o Added "Fwd" to the list of known subject prefixes
o Fixed nickname edition in non-LDAP address books
o Fixed compose window size saving, which changed when using
compose-related filtering actions
o Fixed English usage
o Don't go to Inbox after manual mail retrieval if there are no
new mails
o Fixed migration problems from Aspell to Enchant dictionaries
o Fixed double opening of file, leading to multiple signatures
when using signify
o Fixed image viewer (wrong image displayed, break of resizing
o Fixed handling of HTML parts in multipart/related parts
o Workaround to decode correctly mails in Windows-1252 codeset
advertised as ISO-8859-1
o Added the nb_NO locale's default charset (ISO-8859-1)
o IMAP: Fixed crash when error happen on session establishment
o Fixed a lot of Windows-only bugs (bugs 1041, 1042, 1051,
problems with folders that have non-ASCII characters, the
huge memory leak, crash on connection failures)

For further details of the numbered bugs listed above consult

See ChangeLog for full information regarding changes in this release.

Posted by Paul Mangan 2008-10-03

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