Claws Mail 3.3.0 unleashed!!

8th February 2008 Claws Mail 3.3.0


Claws Mail is a GTK+ based, user-friendly, lightweight, and fast
email client.

Notes for this release:

* Due to licensing problems, the ClamAV plugin has been removed from
the Claws Mail core distribution and can now been found packaged
separately or with the 'extra plugins' package.

New in this release:

* Added NetworkManager support
This is built by default if the dependencies are satisfied; it can
be specifically disabled with '--disable-networkmanager-support'.
This enables Claws Mail to track changes to the network status.

* Added DIGEST-MD5 support for IMAP authentication

* Added Folder Properties option, 'Run processing rules when opening'
to the General page.

* Added sub-sorting to the Message List; when the Sort type is either
Subject, From, To or Tags, sub-sorting by Date will be active.

* Added from=address to the mailto sequence
The 'from' will try to select the first matching account in the
Accounts list, otherwise it will use the usual account selection
mechanism but will override it with the given 'from' address.

* Added insert=FILE to the mailto sequence (stands for 'insert file')
This adds the ability to create a new message from the command-line,
with the body set from the contents of an existing file.

* Added mailto with NNTP accounts
This comes into play if mailto is used when an NNTP account is the
default account or if an NNTP account address is used with 'from'.

* Added several GUI improvements to the Filtering, Processing, Tags,
Actions, Templates, Logging and Address Book dialogues

* Added a tooltip to the 'replied' icon in the Message List which
indicates 'click to see your reply' feature.

* Added 'claws-mail --version-full' to display the version and a list
of the compiled-in features

* Implemented speed-ups to list operations, deletions and cache

* Updated the man page

* The Trayicon plugin icons are now themable.

* text/calendar message parts are now automatically displayed if a
plugin handling text/calendar is loaded, e.g. vCalendar.

* Maemo: connect HW status change signal for shutdown

* Maemo: identify mmc1 and mmc2 more clearly in the GUI

* Maemo: Make dnd threshold higher

* New translations: Hebrew

* Updated translations: Brazilian Portuguese, British English, Czech,
Finnish, German, Hungarian, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish

* Bug fixes:
o bug 1348, 'Hang ups at exit time with pgp plugin since
o bug 1353, 'on startup with small screen layout, keyboard
input gets lost'
o bug 1435, 'Reply doesn't take into account reply-to field'
o bug 1436, 'Filter condition dialog doesn't load header
name from current rules'
o bug 1439, 'Claws Mail does not remember window size state
when restarted'
o bug 1442, 'Tags are repeated in encapsulated messages'
o bug 1443, and strip possible whitespaces around custom
header names
o bug 1445, 'Display sender using addressbook: fails when
From: isn't an email address'
o bug 1452, 'crash while drag'n'droping emails to an IMAP
o bug 1454, 'error message shows parts and signature of
previous messages'
o bug 1455, 'Password enters leading letter incorrectly as
uppercase' (maemo)
o bug 1446, 'SC crashes frequently when staying in
o bug 1465, 'First line in new message does not mark URLs'
o bug 1461, 'several components #define _XOPEN_SOURCE
o bug 1468, 'Use IMAP keyword to store "forwarded" flag'
o bug 1469, 'Column width adjustments on message lists do not
o bug 1472, 'Keyboard "Menu" key doesn't call spell check of
actuall word'
o bug 1477,
'Claws Mail crashes when view PGP-encrypted message'
o bug 1478, 'Wrong pthread_create calls all over the place'
o bug 1480, 'should be able to display mail file from command
o bug 1485, 'selecting a folder's default account if name
contains '&''
o bug 1486, 'Re: Incorrect content when replying'
o bug 1493, count lines (\n chars) according to the way
format body is passed (i.e. \-escaped or not).
o bug 1502, 'Plus signs are stripped from email addresses
when calling from command line'
o Fix the line-breaking, wrapping bug
o Fix building of URIs from filenames
o Fix scrolling in addressbook duplicate finder result dialog
o Fix privacy menu update when replying to encrypted mail and
no default privacy system is set
o Fix scrolling to bottom when dragging and dropping
o Fix path to mime/globs
o Fix FreeBSD build with IPV6 support
o Fix build on old GCC
o Maemo: Fix extra leading hyphen visible in the display
header configuration combo list.
o Maemo: Fix hardware space key
o Maemo: Fix LED handling on OS 2008

For further details of the numbered bugs listed above consult

See ChangeLog for full information regarding changes in this release.

Posted by Paul Mangan 2008-02-08

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