#260 Remove controls from the Windows Start Menu.


Hi. I actually posted this before, but never got around to actually getting back to it. Since that was so long ago, I thought it would be better to re-post it.

Anyway, I need my Windows Start Menu to be as locked down as possible so as the Classic Shell menu is the only thing you can use. That means removing the search bar on the Windows Start Menu. Now I'm aware that you can turn off the Windows Search feature, but I would like to keep the search bar in Windows Explorer. And if I were to disable Windows Search, it wouldn't be in explorer. Also, do you think it would be possible to have an option to entirely hide the power button from the Windows Menu without it affecting the Classic Shell menu? Thanks, and keep up the good work!


  • xpclient

    xpclient - 2012-12-29

    You can use the following Group Policies to disable the respective functionality in the Windows Start Menu:
    - Remove and prevent access to the Shutdown, Restart, Sleep and Hibernate commands
    - Do not search programs and Control Panel items.
    - Do not search for files
    - Do not search Internet

    This will keep the search box but remove all searchability from it and Explorer search also remains functional. See the other policies in User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Start Menu and Taskbar. You can disable almost everything in the Windows Start Menu except the "Lock" and "Switch" user commands. Note that Classic Shell Start Menu also supports some Group Policies so these items will be removed from its menu too but you can add them as custom items.

  • XP7User

    XP7User - 2013-01-01

    Yup, I learned about Classic Shell using some Group Policies, which is nice, but I'd like to keep things like Shutdown and Log Off on the Classic Shell Menu.

    As for the search box, the policies do in fact make it completely unusable, so that works like a charm. I still wish there was an option to just remove it all together, but oh well. Maybe it will be added, maybe it won't. But either way, thanks so much for your help, xpclient.

  • xpclient

    xpclient - 2013-01-02

    With the Group Policy, only the main Shutdown command is disabled (and all subitems under it as long as the main command points to "shutdown_Box"). Go to Settings, Customize Start Menu tab and double click the ShutdownBoxItem to edit it, delete everything from the "Command" field leaving it empty. This will keep the sub-items enabled.

  • XP7User

    XP7User - 2013-01-04

    Yes, I'm aware of that. But if I were to delete the "shutdown_box" command, I wouldn't have the shutdown command on the Classic Shell Menu. I like having just a little button on the menu that will bring up the shutdown dialogue box (the one that will appear if you press alt+f4 on the desktop). Anyway, thanks for your help again.


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