Silent Install Switches

  • Cristi Yoshi

    Cristi Yoshi - 2010-01-31

    Hello!! First of all, great piece of software. It really changes the
    experience with Windows 7 explorer and start menu.
    I have one question though. Does the Classic Shell setup supports silent
    install switches for unattended installation scenarios? It would be a great
    feature because I could call the Classic Shell setup with these silent
    switches from a script (Setupcomplete.cmd, for example) and already have the
    program installed in Windows 7 (install it during Windows 7 install process).
    My Windows 7 installation is unattended also.
    If the setup doesn't have this functionality, could be added?
    Thank you!

  • Ivo Beltchev

    Ivo Beltchev - 2010-01-31

    No and Yes.
    Currently it is not supported and I can add it to the next version. Basically
    all parameters you give to the installer exe will be passed to msiexec.

  • Cristi Yoshi

    Cristi Yoshi - 2010-02-19

    You are the best!! This is awsome!! Thank you very much!! :))

  • amitri

    amitri - 2010-05-02

    Hi. Great software. Found this thread and I'm using standard silent switches
    through setupcomplete.cmd.
    Apart CS_COMPONENT, is there any other option to configure default individual
    features through command line during install.
    For example if someone wanted to use custom skin selection or even custom ini

  • Ivo Beltchev

    Ivo Beltchev - 2010-05-02

    Of course not. It is not the installer's job to change the settings. Have you
    seen any other software that lets you do that?

    Certainly, after the installer is finished, you can replace the ini file with
    your own. Also you can execute a .reg file with the settings you want. The
    settings are kept in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\IvoSoft\ClassicExplorer and

    However be careful with this. Every new version of Classic Shell introduces
    new ini file and registry settings. Make sure you update your install script
    when you switch to a new version.

  • Ivo Beltchev

    Ivo Beltchev - 2010-05-02

    I don't see anything in InnoSetup to further configure the installed
    application. There are switches to pick which components to install, but that
    what CS_COMPONENT is for. Anything beyond that doesn't involve adding/removing
    installed files, so it is not the job of the installer to configure it.

    Do you expect the installer to generate an ini file on the fly, based on some
    command line parameters? This is certainly possible, but difficult and largely
    unnecessary. As I said - after installation simply copy a custom ini file on
    top of the one that was installed, and set some registry settings. It is very
    easy to do and you get exactly what you want (instead of trusting some
    application to guess your intentions and do this for you).


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