change icon on Win8

  • orbitcode

    orbitcode - 2012-04-17

    Is there any way to change the start orb icon on Windows 8 CP? On earlier
    versions I take it you could modify the system resources to do that but the
    code appears to have been removed on Windows 8. I've tried several skins and
    none of them seem to change it. Would modifying the icon resources in
    ClassicStartMenu.exe acccomplish this? thanks

  • orbitcode

    orbitcode - 2012-04-17

    edit i see in the full options there's an option to select a bitmap. is there
    a format and size that works best? it's only displaying the top half of the
    image even if i shrink it down:/ thanks

  • Anonymous - 2012-04-17

    It's documented in the help file. For a custom start button you need an image
    that contain the 3 states of the button - normal, hot and pressed Start button
    images. The width and height of the three rectangles should be identical. The
    image must be a 32-bit PNG or BMP. (Use a free program like Paint.NET to save
    a 32-bit PNG or BMP). The width of the image determines the size of the
    button. You can override that by entering a custom width.


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