Does Classic Shell cancel Windows Search completely?

  • Stazybo Horn

    Stazybo Horn - 2012-11-07

    I installed Classic Shell the other day, only to find out later that I cannot access Windows Search anymore. And when I bring it up by typing "Windows Search", I get the Indexing Options Window, with the message "Index is performing Maintenance. Please wait" at the top, and no UI for search terms.

    Is this a feature? Is Windows Search gone when you install Classic Shell? And what happens to the former's huge index files? Or is this some hick-up in me Windows 7 Ulitimate x64 system?

    Excuse me if this is already documented somewhere, but I wasn't able to find it.

  • Ivo Beltchev

    Ivo Beltchev - 2012-11-07

    Classic Shell doesn't touch the built-in search functionality in any way. Most likely your problem is unrelated.

  • xpclient

    xpclient - 2012-11-07

    There is a "Search" item in the Start menu that launches Explorer search. Windows Search is only not there in Classic Start Menu's search box. It does nothing to "cancel" Windows Search.

  • Stazybo Horn

    Stazybo Horn - 2012-11-07

    Thank you for your immediate response. The search box item at the bottom of the Start menu, only searches application names, control panel items and so on… It brings zero results when I try a text search on my indexed documents, as it used to do.

    So this is unrelated you say.

  • Grant

    Grant - 2012-11-07

    I think what you're looking for is in Classic Shell Settings/Classic Menu Settings. Once it's open click on the Customize Start Menu tab.

    Look in the right column for Search Menu. It should have a magnifying glass next to it before the word Search.

    Drag it to the left column where you want it. I hope I'm right since I haven't played around the settings for a long time. Heck, I even forgot about this very Search box and posted about it a couple of days ago LOL. It's right where I put it a long time ago. That's what happens sometimes if you don't constantly use something.

  • xpclient

    xpclient - 2013-07-24

    Well good news for you. Now the latest public beta version of Classic Shell which is available from the home page has full Windows Search integration, including document search. Try it if you are interested.


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