Disable Taskbar Transparency? [Win8]

  • Quake3.exe

    Quake3.exe - 2012-11-01

    As of yet, the only way to disable the Taskbar transparency in Windows 8 is either with a basic AeroLite
    theme or using Stardock's Start8.

    Is there a possibility of Classic Shell incorporating an opaque Taskbar feature?

    • Chris Prescott

      Chris Prescott - 2012-11-05

      Try this:

      Browse to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes
      Copy aero.theme to classic.theme
      Open classic.theme with Notepad
      Edit the [Theme] section to match the lines below


      Edit the [VisualStyles] section to match the lines below


      Save classic.theme
      Open Personalization in the Control Panel
      Click on Classic under Installed Themes

      This new Classic theme should disable the Taskbar's transparency.

      I'd also recommend changing the color by clicking on the color block which will take you to Color and Appearance. I have been using the grey color next to Automatic.

      I've created a grey theme based on the Classic Shell Metro theme and a Start button that uses the new Microsoft flag logo (somewhat like Start8's Start button looks). I just need to find a place to upload them.

  • Noel Carboni

    Noel Carboni - 2012-11-09

    A hybrid way to do it is to use the AeroLite theme dll but with the Aero colors.

    This will eliminate Taskbar transparency and it has an advantage over the standard Aero in that it makes certain other things more visible (e.g., it puts little lines on scroll bar thumbs, increases the contrast of edges, etc.).

    Excerpted from my eBook Configure the Windows 8 "To Work" Options:

    Here's how to create an AeroLite style:

    Right-click on the desktop and choose Personalize.

    • Save your current theme with a name something like "Aero Lite"

    • Navigate to the following folder and edit the .theme file just created:

    • Scroll down to the [VisualStyles] section near the bottom.

    • Change the Path= filename from Aero.msstyles to AeroLite.msstyles

    • In Personalize, go select another theme then this theme again.

    AeroLite theme


    Last edit: Noel Carboni 2012-11-09

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