Classic Start menu and Windows 8 dual monitor

  • MadMrMax

    MadMrMax - 2011-09-19

    I've just started trying out Windows 8 and of course continue to love and use
    Classic Start menu/shell. Everything works great still! One new Windows 8
    feature with dual monitors is causing Classic Start menu to break and a
    logoff/reboot is required to get Classic Start Menu to work again.

    1) Attach second monitor (and activate it with Windows+P key and choose
    2) Right click on taskbar and goto properties
    3) In the multiple display section , show taskbar on second monitor
    4) Goto the Windows 8 new start screen (I use Shift+Windows key)
    5) Press Windows+PageUp
    6) New windows 8 start screen moves over to second monitor
    7) Press Esc
    8) The taskbar and start menu square /icon is on second monitor (this is by
    9) Attempt to bring up Classic start menu now - doesn't work

    No matter what I do the classic start menu has been lost. I've tried exiting
    the main explorer.exe instance and restarting it but that hasn't worked
    either. Logging off an back on works.

  • Ivo Beltchev

    Ivo Beltchev - 2011-09-19

    Well, Win8 is not supported :)
    It will be a while before I get a machine for Win8 and play with it myself.
    It will be a lot longer before I can test with multiple monitors, though.

    From your description, looks like the taskbar and the start button are
    destroyed and created again on the new monitor. Of course the start menu is
    not equipped to handle this case, since that was not possible until now.

  • Ivo Beltchev

    Ivo Beltchev - 2012-01-07

    An update on Windows 8. The latest version 3.3.0 was updated to work with
    Win8. Unfortunately I still have no access to a Win8 machine with multiple
    monitors, so at the moment I am unable to address the taskbar issue. Logging
    off after moving the taskbar is probably your best workaround for now.

  • Dick

    Dick - 2012-03-18

    What do I miss when you write "Everything works still great"? There is no
    longer a Start button in Windows 8 and this doesn't come back with Class
    Start. You can't even start the configuration program (it does do nothing).
    I've currently installed the menu of but this is the Vista/W7 style menu. The XP style
    menu is the only quick way to go through many installed applications so I hope
    there will be a full working Classic Start menu for W8 some day too.

  • Anonymous - 2012-03-18

    This thread is about Windows 8 Developer Preview. Ivo is working to make it
    work with Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Wait a while longer.

  • Ivo Beltchev

    Ivo Beltchev - 2012-04-01

    The latest version 3.5.0 supports Windows 8CP. Seems to work just fine with
    multiple monitors.


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