WIndows 8 log-in background change

  • Steamtank

    Steamtank - 2012-12-31

    Hi. I am having difficulty changing the windows 8 log-in background with classic shell. The bug to classic shell appears to have replaced the charm bar personalization (ctrl+I > personalization) with a windows 7 one. I would prefer that classic shell keep the windows 8 charm-bar personalization feature.

    On the other hand, the desktop personalization (right-clicking on the desktop > personalization) should remain the same like in windows 7(which it currently is atm, so I like it -- and it's good!). Please keep that!

    All-in-all, can classic shell maintain two separate personalization methods: one for the charm-bar and one for the desktop application? Because both appear to be very different, atm.. maybe fuse all features into one? I dunno.

    For now, how do i change the windows 8 log-in background?

  • Ivo Beltchev

    Ivo Beltchev - 2012-12-31

    Classic Shell doesn't do anything to affect the personalization settings. Are you sure it is not caused by another software?


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