Use Qt as GUI and classic ladder as backend

  • Thahir

    Thahir - 2012-11-06


    Can I use Qt as front end GUI and classic ladder as back end logic….????
    Is any clear documentation available about the functions and modules about classic ladder programming ?


  • Marc Le Douarain


    What is the interest of a Qt interface, if we can already do the same with GTK+ ? And doing graphical interface is really time consuming…. :-(
    But perhaps, the goal is to have ClassicLadder integrated into another project.

    A possibility, would be to launch a reduced version of the current GTK interface tool from your project,
    just to edit the ladder. That what I've done there is a time for a product having its own tool and parameters. Just reading a shared folder with the classicladder objects files… But of course, all that means taking time to understand how ClassicLadder works, and discover the source code !
    Free software does not mean all already done for everybody, but it's possible, it's open…

    Bye, bye.


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