help in element COMPARE and OPERATE

  • rafa

    rafa - 2007-04-05

    Heloo Marc please i am not obtaining to change the mathematical expression of tool OPERATE and COMPARE, I place the expression in and I am blank

    • rafa

      rafa - 2007-04-10

      In version 0.7.100 is possible edit expression off COMPARE and OPERATE, but not work witc parport, aplication crash, (in 0.7.8, parport works OK, but i not obtain to modifi expression off COMPARE and OPERATE )

      • Marc Le Douarain

        Hello !

        Just done the following test here: lauching classicladder with a file project not existing (to have a clean empty project), going in config window (PhysicalOutputs) to define a DirectPortAccess at 0x378 (for some outputs)...
        and a beautiful "segmentation fault" after the twice "ConfigureHardware" lines in the console...

        So yes, there is a bug. Perhaps introduced when adding the Xenomai support?

        I take a look soon!

    • Marc Le Douarain

      After placing an element 'operate' or 'compare', just edit the "Expression" you want in the properties window (first text edit zone), and then click on apply or enter. It the string entered is not valid you will have an error message displayed !


    • rafa

      rafa - 2007-04-11

      Hello dear Mavati, good morning, whell, only version is function united (parport enabled and modify expression) is 0.7.7. this version off software OK, up no 0.7.8 write an read parport but no edit expressions, 0.7.9 no edit espression and no read and write parport, 0.7.100 modifiy and edit expression but no read and write parport (crash)
      OBs you see my post in:http
      Rafael Leandro da Silva

      • Marc Le Douarain

        Thanks to take time to test the differents versions available.
        Next week, I will get back my little leds/switch kit on parallel port to be able to verify all that...
        But strange for the problem on expressions edit...
        Bye, bye!

    • rafa

      rafa - 2007-04-12

      My sistem is UBUNTU 6.06


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