Bug in version 0.7.100

  • rafa

    rafa - 2007-04-10

    Mavati version 0.7.100 not function with parport, the aplication crash when in tab config enable addres off  parpor 378,379 in terminal returns "Segment fault"

    • Marc Le Douarain

      Hello !

      Just done the following test here: lauching classicladder with a file project not existing (to have a clean empty project), going in config window (PhysicalOutputs) to define a DirectPortAccess at 0x378 (for some outputs)...
      and a beautiful "segmentation fault" after the twice "ConfigureHardware" lines in the console...

      So yes, there is a bug. Perhaps introduced when adding the Xenomai support?

      I take a look soon!

    • rafa

      rafa - 2007-04-11

      What is xenomai, please?

      • Marc Le Douarain

        A real-time extension to the Linux kernel.
        A little like RTLinux and RTAI but very well integrated (RT tasks possible directly in user space applications)

    • Marc Le Douarain

      I've posted a new version 0.7.101 that do no more crash when using the DirectPortAccess in the configure hardware.
      I've not been able to do a real test with a led/interrupts kit (not found...) but it do no more "segmentation fault", so...

      Hope it helps.
      Bye, bye.


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