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  • Dear developer,
    I am very interested in contributing for this project. I am actually working with plataforms like Cortex M3 and Cortex A8. I am studying linux development with GTK. Are you using any IDE like anjuta or Glade for yout project Classic Ladder in the editor area or just any other text editor ?

  • Hello,

    No, only good text editor to do all the stuff… the windows are not very complex, well ok the project has grown seens the start, but each window is in a different .c file. Else Makefile for the whole project, and so simple "make" in a console !
    (I'm developping on Linux computer, and recently compiling Windows version using VirtualBox and the Linux sources shared directory)

    Cortex should be adapted for an embedded version of ClassicLadder without the Gtk ? or also Gtk / XWindow / … possible on them ?

    Bye, bye !

  • Hi everybody,

    Well,  i want to embedded classicladder in a system and, i need compile this like a MIPS but i can't find anything about it, maybe you can help me with this topic, i hope see a soon answer from you,

    Leonardo Amézquita

  • To embed ClassicLadder with a cross-compilation,
    take a look at the Makefile file, and the lines:
    CROSS =
    CC = $(CROSS)gcc
    AR = $(CROSS)ar

    for example, when I made some tests for an ARM, I just modified the CROSS line with the following:
    CROSS = /usr/local/arm/4.5.1/bin/arm-linux-

    I think you should have the same modification to do for another processor…

    Hope it helps !