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  • nenad cikic

    nenad cikic - 2011-10-27

    Hello again. I am progressing. I have managed to create visual c++ dll project that is a bridge between Java and my third party dll using JNI. I have started to create the application and I have problems with fonts. In the attached image you can see that in the list box all Croatian letters are ok while i have artifacts in the STRING control, in the menu and in the window text both in frame and browse. I have tried ms sanserif and tahoma.
    This is the frame definition
    AppFrame APPLICATION('Qiqo d.o.o Pula - Mjenjačnica'),AT(,,400,240),FONT('Tahoma',,,,CHARSET:EASTEUROPE), |
               ITEM('&Print Setup …'),USE(?PrintSetup),MSG('Setup printer'),STD(STD:PrintSetup)
               ITEM('E&xit'),USE(?Exit),MSG('Exit this application'),STD(STD:Close)
               ITEM('Cu&t'),USE(?Cut),MSG('Remove item to Windows Clipboard'),STD(STD:Cut)
               ITEM('&Copy'),USE(?Copy),MSG('Copy item to Windows Clipboard'),STD(STD:Copy)
               ITEM('&Paste'),USE(?Paste),MSG('Paste contents of Windows Clipboard'),STD(STD:Paste)
               ITEM('Pregled vrsti transakcija'),USE(?SifarniciPregledvrstitransakcija)

    and this is the browse
    QuickWindow WINDOW('Pregled vrsti transakcija <154>đčć<158,138>ĐČĆ<142>'),AT(,,319,195),FONT('Tahoma',8,,FONT:regular,CHARSET:EASTEUROPE), |
           LIST,AT(8,19,306,157),USE(?Browse:1),IMM,HVSCROLL,MSG('Browsing the vrsta_transakcije file'),FORMAT('72C(2)|M~vrsta transakcije~C(0)@s2@80L(2)|M~opis~@s200@'), |
               PROMPT('<138>ĐČĆ<142,154>đčć<158>Filtriraj po opisu:'),AT(49,2),USE(?OpisFilter:Prompt),#ORIG(?OpisFilter:Prompt), |
           BUTTON('&Close'),AT(268,180,49,14),USE(?Close),LEFT,MSG('Close Window'),TIP('Close Window'),ICON('WACLOSE.ICO'), |

    I have discovered that when i manually change the browse clw as
    WINDOW('Pregled vrsti transakcija šđč枊ĐČĆŽ')
    PROMPT('ŠĐČĆŽšđčćžFiltriraj po opisu:'),AT(49,2),USE(?OpisFilter:Prompt)

    then there are no artifacts.
    Obiously i would like not to edit manually the clw each time i regenerate.
    Have you faced these type of problems?

  • nenad cikic

    nenad cikic - 2011-10-29

    I have worked arround this writing a small clarion application that, after the clw are generated, parses the clw and <xx> string costants changes with actual char value. It works, at least for Croatian letters.


  • Andrew Barnham

    Andrew Barnham - 2011-10-30

    I live in Australia, and all my own customers are based here. So chars 0x00 -> 0x7f are all I need.

    I have spent time though getting clarion2java working for extended character sets; helping out others in Europe with extended char set needs.  There are tests in regression suite that verify proper handling of Kanji etc.

    I think I know what is happening in above.  It is an issue with character sets.  Now Š = UTC +0160  which compiles correctly. But corresponding <138> is converted into a single char.  138 = UTC +008A, which is not a display character.

    <138> probably is a char in your current code page that maps to to UTC +0160.  I think you are probably using Windows-1250 code page. Search for 138.

    Clarion2java assumes that <138> is unicode.  You can try changing this behaviour by modifying runtime file thus:

    In this java file you will see a method that handles processing of string constants. Method : encodeBinary is of key interest.
    Line 215:

    Following instead may give better results.

          char x = (new String(new byte { (byte)ord })).charAt(0);

    If you can, try changing clarion2java runtime with above, modify compiler to use -SNAPSHOT version of clarion2java and see if that makes a difference. If it works will incorporate it into clarion2java.

  • nenad cikic

    nenad cikic - 2011-10-30

    OK,i think is time i learn how to compile c2j itself.
    I have checked out the source code and will try here, but before commiting i will ask you to see if it is ok (i am also not sure how to commit since this is first time i use sourceforge).

  • nenad cikic

    nenad cikic - 2011-10-31

    Can you help me on compiling c2j?
    I have checked out the 4 trunks as specified in 4.8 of your help doc.
    My folder structure is now

    If i enter the runtime folder and enter mvn as specified it gives me that it can not resolve the dependency to clarion-sysruntime 1.16
    I have went to maven site and i found the last version for sysruntime is 1.15 so i have changed the pom.xml.
    Now i can pass the dependency resolving, but it stucks on compiling:
    it seems the GuiModel imports the CConfigImpl and CConfigStore which do not exist. There are also other errors. Maybe
    I have incorrectly took a working copy from the repository. Can you check please if the trunk compiles?

  • Andrew Barnham

    Andrew Barnham - 2011-10-31

    Hi.  I have not synced to maven repository for a while.  Just done it now.  Try after an hour or so after date of this email.

    Or:  compile sysruntime, check sysruntime pom.xml to see what version it is. (should be 1.17-SNAPSHOT) and make version in runtime the same.

  • nenad cikic

    nenad cikic - 2011-11-02

    I have managed to build all 4 projects (runtime,compiler etc).
    I have changed in my project pom.xml the clarion-maven-plugin to 1.21-SNAPSHOT (which is the compiler version if i understood well).
    Now when building my project it gives me error on equates.clw on line
    INCLUDE 'property.clw'

    When i paste property.clw instead in equates.clw i get then error on
    SIGNED                  EQUATE(SHORT)
    UNSIGNED                EQUATE(USHORT)
    _nopos                  EQUATE(08000H)
    SIGNED                  EQUATE(LONG)
    UNSIGNED                EQUATE(LONG)
    _nopos                  EQUATE(080000000H)

    I fi comment the omit block then it passes the equates.clw but halts again on my main project clw at the beggingin on the include statements.


    I have not made any changes to the till now. With compiler version 1.19 i do not get these errors.
    I have tried also with clarion-maven-plugin=1.20 and it is ok. With clarion-maven-plugin=1.21 it gives me unknown dependency.

    Can you please help me with this issue? I can workaround the font problem, as i said before, but i would like to understand better how to compile c2j.

  • Andrew Barnham

    Andrew Barnham - 2011-11-02

    What is the error you are getting?

    Try running "mvn clean" and then "mvn".

    Failing that, create a zip of your project, including zip of things you checked out and email it to me directly.  andrew dot barnham at gmail dot com

  • nenad cikic

    nenad cikic - 2011-11-03

    Doing mvn clean and then mvn  -D maven.test.skip=true in sequence on

    and after that doing mvn on my project
    solved my problem.
    The Croatian letters are now OK. You can sync the repository with your proposal.
    I have now to investigate why the javaw or java process stays pending after i exit the application.

  • Andrew Barnham

    Andrew Barnham - 2011-11-03

    Copy  that. Give me a few days, currently trying to deliver some other code. will aim put a day into tweaking items you have raised either Wed or Thur next week.

  • nenad cikic

    nenad cikic - 2011-11-03

    Ok thanks. I will submit one more issue in the help forum, just to track it easier.

  • Andrew Barnham

    Andrew Barnham - 2011-11-06

    Just commited change to svn.  It will take byte list in a string constant, either runtime (i.e. EVALUATE) or compile time and convert to characters based on default char set.  For multi-byte charsets, (i.e. Chinese/Japanese), I am assuming that clarion generator will yield multibytes like this <b1,b2,b3,b4>  - but this is just a guess so we may need to revisit this.

    If you want to change charset on the fly from java startup time default; the following should work for example:

    @java-code 'org.jclarion.clarion.lang.Constant.charset=java.nio.charset.Charset.forName("Win-1250");'

    Note that this is not thread safe, i.e. if you have multiple threads all using EVALUATE simultaneously, then changing charset will affect all threads.


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