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Incomiiiiing... documentation

Since ClanServ jumped to 2.1.x the old documentation was removed and new documentation that would reflect the new commands was never added.

Finally, I'm going to fix this and the documentation will appear on the website within 2 or 3 days.

Posted by Ghaan Torham 2008-04-07

kVIRC interface 0.9.1

Updated version 0.9.1 of kVIRC interface for ClanServ has been just released. The release addresses a bug causing the script not to start when loaded due to incorrent parameters in the startup callback (affects kVIRC 3.2.6 'Anomalies')

Posted by Ghaan Torham 2007-10-15

ClanServ official bot

New official bot has been set on Quakenet for development purposes. This bot runs the newest version (at the moment, 2.1.1) that can be found in t he CVS repository (no files present as I write this article but the CVS has been setup and is ready). Commits to follow soon.

Posted by Ghaan Torham 2007-10-02

ClanServ 2.1.0 released

New version of ClanServ has been just released.

The 2.1.0 is a more improved version than 1.9.x branch and offers channel protection, war manager has been dropped at this time and will be readded in new version.

2.1.0 release is followed also by the latest interface for KVIrc (v0.9.0) and mIRC (v0.9.3) clients. If you intend to use ClanServ 2.1.0 make sure you download the latest version of ClanServ interface for your favorite IRC client.... read more

Posted by Ghaan Torham 2007-04-18

New homepage new start

As soon as clanserv domain became available on SourceForge, we claimed this name and ClanServ becomes a new breath. The development is a bit slow now and I will update the website this weekend to reflect recent changes.

However, ClanServ 2.1.0 release with working mIRC and kVIRC interface will be available soon.

Posted by Ghaan Torham 2007-03-23

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