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in need of assistance -- development report

okay, i know i promised i'd have something finished by now, but that was wishfull thinking, i'm still all alone as a developer, and the workload is getting to me. so i beg you, if you feel you could be of some assistance, ANY assistance, give me a call.

don't get me wrong, i'm not abandonning this project, the fair number of pageviews and downloads each week are encouraging me to keep going. not as fast as i would want is though. ... read more

Posted by Wim Van Boven 2002-10-23

development report for the windows client

finished the access to the members table
working on the calendar table (2-3 days till finished i guess)

todo: warplanner, mail client, global layout improvements

expected time till finished: probably a week or 3-4

Posted by Wim Van Boven 2002-09-30

Irc Socket reprogramming

I've downloaded the new indy compontens ( ) which include a irc component. because this is more advanced than the modified winsock that i programmed i've rewritten the irc part of the program.

Posted by Wim Van Boven 2002-09-25

Showcase: get a link to your clansite using ClanOffice!

when you're clan is using ClanOffice, please send me your opinions on it by mail:

in return i'll see to it that your clansite gets a link on the clanoffice page!

Posted by Wim Van Boven 2002-09-24

Back on track

My vacation has ended, back in full force working on clanoffice and implementing and testing it for 2 clans, SA and SS clan.

In the meanwhile i've resolved some issues with the mysql headers and the Borland C++ Builder compatibility, and i've fixed some other issues, but due to a limited internet connection i've not been able to update this. My connection will be restored 8 oct 2002. so expect major updates that day.

Posted by Wim Van Boven 2002-09-24

i'm sick

just to let you know, i'm on a leave, i'm sick....

i'll restart my work when i'm feeling better

Posted by Wim Van Boven 2002-08-26

C++ builder and mysql.h

i've got them to work...
ClanOffice now connects to the members database and retrieves all member info...

now this works it's just a matter of time before the clan tools relying on mysql work...

it'll be harder to get the irc client to function i recon.

Posted by Wim Van Boven 2002-08-14

Project homepage is finished

needs nomore explanation

Posted by Wim Van Boven 2002-08-14 1.0 released

this is the first release of the websuite, it's 100% functional. It can be used as a stand alone or together with the upcomming clanoffice.

Posted by Wim Van Boven 2002-08-13

warplanner finished

the php code for the warplanner is finished
reports etc are working fine

the only thing left is the calendar, which is going to be hard i guess, but it'll be okay

when thats finished the websuite is ready for release

stay tuned

Posted by Wim Van Boven 2002-08-13

finishing websuite first

i've decided to finish the websuite before continuing with the c++ works, it's comming along just fine now, i've got the sessions part and members administration all finished, and started working on the warplanner.

Posted by Wim Van Boven 2002-08-12

clanoffice project pages

they are comming, by tomorrow most of it should be finished, there will be screenshots, development status reports, all that stuff

Posted by Wim Van Boven 2002-08-09

CVS is up again

says it all i guess, i'll upload the sources asap

Posted by Wim Van Boven 2002-08-09

php suite source will be available

i'm gonna put the sourcecode (which atm isn't more than a general layout online) for those of you who are interested in contributing something to the php suite.
it should get on CVS but i'm still waiting for sourceforge to clean up my modules.

Posted by Wim Van Boven 2002-08-08

Starting work on php suite

i decided that the php suite should be ready by the time clanoffice is ready. so i started allready with the global design etc.

i recon it looks pretty good. i'm probably gonna use its layout for the projects site too.

Posted by Wim Van Boven 2002-08-07

CVS tree unavailable

due to some errors with cvs you won't be able to download through the web interface.

the files are still there, but they are outdated and cvs reports some errors.

we are waiting for the sourceforge administrators to reset our cvs tree.

Posted by Wim Van Boven 2002-08-06

ClanOffice - what is our goal?

our goal is a native windows client for accessing irc, mail, online memberlists and an integrated warplanner for gaming clans.
for further support and ease of use, a php websuite is sheduled.
Administrative tasks can be done through the php suite or through the client.

ClanOffice stores all date in a remote mysql database.

Posted by Wim Van Boven 2002-08-06

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