Mohamed Tarek wrote:
> Greetings everyone.
> I'm trying to build ClamWin from source, but I'm stuck at the step :
> py2exe
> I'm always receiving this error/warning :
> The following modules appear to be missing
> ['BalloonTip', 'mxDateTime.__version__', 'pyc', 'pythoncom',
> 'pywintypes', 'win32api',
> 'win32clipboard', 'win32com', 'win32com.client', 'win32com.mapi',
> 'win32com.server',
> 'win32com.server.exception', 'win32com.server.localserver',
> 'win32com.server.policy',
> 'win32com.server.register', 'win32com.server.util', '',
> 'win32con',
>  'win32event', 'win32file', 'win32gui', 'win32pipe', 'win32process',
> 'win32security', 'win32traceutil', 'winerror']
> Should I go searching for those modules, or is there something that I
> missed or what ?
> Also, I'm using VS2008 instead of 2005, would this cause any problems ?
> Cheers,
> MT
Hi Mohamed,

Did you look at the instructions on the Wiki ?
This should help you a lot.

with kind regards,

Thanks for the reply budtse. Yes I did check that page, and followed the instructions there. The problem is that I'm stuck at the said point. ( py2exe).
I have very little (seriously :) ) experience with python, so I'm not sure what I should do about that error.