#233 Modal scan window - ditch it, please



The modal scan window prevents minimizing the
windows. I would suggest integrating scan window
simply to a separate scrolling text area of the main
window. If a saved report is needed, it could be
set from properties (no, yes, ask) or a modal popup
could be presented according to saved preference ask.

Also, though this might be a personal preference
only, the scan animation on the left of the window
is it really needed and for what?

I would prefer just a simple indicator like the
rotating slash,dash,backslash cmdline clamscan does,
more is really needed to show that scanning is in the
action. Oh, and please please please, don't fall int the
trap and try to make interface more XP like with ugly
synteticsugar features, keep it straigh forward and

Otherwise good work guys!

:-) riku



  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Totally agree. The program is great, but the interface could
    use a facelift. Your suggestions are good. Take out the
    useless animation, keep it simple and make everything work
    in one window that can be minimized.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    WTF ???

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Yes, please ditch the modal scan window.

  • Mike804

    Mike804 - 2006-03-24

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    I agree. This is one of the most important things ClamWin
    needs. Keep everything located on one window, so it can be
    minimized to the tray.


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