#2 It would be great to have "on-access" option


It would be great to have "on-access" option, where
each file scans before it opens for copy, using or
whatsoever, like in commercial antiviruses. Have you
any plans to implement this?

Kind regards,

Vladimir (vladimir.kozlov@idm.ru)


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  • alch

    alch - 2004-04-07

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    Hi, thanks for the suggestion, however implementing
    "on-access" is a very tedious task and is not currently
    planned, unless someone is up to doing it. also there are
    plans to port dazulo to windows, when that happens there
    will be on-access scanner :)

    Main purpose of ClamWin at the moment is to deliver great
    functionality offered by ClamAV to Windowes users as an
    on-demand scanner and integrate it with email software.


  • Michael Harlaut

    Michael Harlaut - 2004-04-19

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    An "on-access" scan for ClamWin is the killer feature that
    can lead ClamWin to be a real alternative to proprietary

    Without this, it's impossible to have a 100 % safe
    workstation (or server) . Proprietary products remains

    Mails are only one way to became infected, download and file
    exchange is another great one :)

  • alch

    alch - 2004-04-19

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    I don't think it is a goal to make clamwin a replacement to
    a commercial antivirus especially in a corporate environment.

    I personally needed an antivirus that:
    1. Updates the virus databases promptly and regularly
    2. Scans a suspicious file without slowing down the computer
    by scanning every accessed file
    3. Blocks potential self-execution of a infected attachment
    in "vulnerable" email clients, such as MS Outlook and
    Outlook Express. Hence the plan to develop POP/IMAP proxy

    ClamAV does all of the above and it needed UI for MS Windows
    that I started to develop.

    I see ClamWin rather a tool for security-literate users that
    achieves the above points. I do hope that ClamWin will
    become one with time.

    Besides, the level of commitment needed to develop and
    mainly support the file system filter driver needed for
    on-access scanning is far greater than I can afford for this
    project. However if anyone would like to join in and do that
    it would be just great.


  • Ivan Topolsky

    Ivan Topolsky - 2004-05-02

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    also there are plans to port dazulo to windows

    Sorry, what's "dazulo" ?
    Didn't find anything on it thru google.

    PS: It will be realy cool if one manage to find developpers
    having time and energy to do an On-Access scanner.

  • alch

    alch - 2004-05-02

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    I made a typo, it is dazuko (www.dazuko.org)

  • Octavio Alvarez

    Octavio Alvarez - 2004-05-11

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    Is there any way to hook an OpenFile system call (or
    something like it)? Besides, it's ClamWin is Win32-specific...

  • alch

    alch - 2004-05-11

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    yes there are number of ways to inject code in t system
    routines (described here:
    http://www.codeproject.com/system/hooksys.asp). I don't
    think this method would be as reliable as file system filter
    and ould be easliy circumvented by a cleverly written virus.

    Anyway if you feel like investigating this possibilty
    further, help would be mostly appreciated.


  • Anonymous - 2004-05-25

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    For me just a very basic feature that detects when a new
    file has been saved, etc etc would be adequate, I don't know
    the difficulty of implementing something this simple.

    It would just prevent the accidental double click at 4am
    when you've downloaded an executable and forgot to run a
    virus scan on it :P

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I agree. On acces scanner is a very important thing. I also
    understand, that it can be very difficult to implement this
    future in Windows. But are there any plans to do it in the
    Thank You, Vladimir Jicha

  • SKroWL

    SKroWL - 2004-06-16

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    "Main purpose of ClamWin at the moment is to deliver great
    functionality offered by ClamAV to Windowes users as an
    on-demand scanner and integrate it with email software."

    Linux and FreeBSD users of ClamAV have on-demand scanning
    functionality. We need it, please!

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    sure, why not ?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I think ClamAV is an awesome project. I too hope for
    on-Access scanning. In the mean time, I'm having to cope
    with proprietory products. There's just no living without
    on-access these days there's just too many deviant links on
    the internet, too many downloads to worry about.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Something new?

    In the messages (April-2004), main developer Alex ("Alch")
    said that on-access scanner wasn't a goal, but he also said
    that it would be great is someone would contribute to add that.

    What is the actual (February-2005) state? Is there some
    contributor (or Alex) developing this feature?


  • alch

    alch - 2005-02-09

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    du to strong demand we started work on on-access scanner
    back in october 2004. Still in progress as there are some
    issues integrating it with clamav engine.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I think this is very important feature.

  • Russell Phillips

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    Re-opened, as this RFE was deleted in error.

    Note that on-access scanning is currently waiting on
    developments in ClamAV.

  • Sebastian Mendel

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    any new status information?

    or can someone other please provide a link to other open
    source on-access scanner for Windows?

    or there any other sites with status-reports on on-access
    scanning with clam-av?


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Keeping an eye on this, I would love to have on-access
    scanning with clamwin :)

  • Russell Phillips

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    Moved from RFE 1216820:

    Just curious about the status of real time protection
    Is there any rough schedule for that?
    Thanks for the great work!

  • Chris Franklin

    Chris Franklin - 2005-06-18

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    I have to say this with out this feature for the most part Clam-
    AV is kinda useless to the majority of us. I mean If I have to
    basically scan everything that comes into my computer by
    hand I'm wasting a lot of my time and resources. Because
    efor like $50 I could just buy a Real Anti-Virus scanner and
    not have to worry about Downloading updates, Remembering
    to scan every file I use first just to make sure it's clean.

    And Sure I bet add on this would be a LOT of time and effort.
    But can yous really afford not to have this feature and still
    expect any used by any one who's not tech savvy ?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Reading back through the comments I would agree that one
    of clawins advantages - when used by a security aware user -
    is that it does not tie up large amounts of CPU time with
    every file read and write...

    However, Ive just sat and watched two VERY security aware
    people desperate to get an update file down for a product just
    download a worm onto the system in their haste.

    For the majority of end users, manual scanning is just not an
    option. We need to help protect people - from themselves as
    much as anything else.

    Please please please please!!! make on-access a high
    priority - but leave us with the option to switch it on and off :)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    As soon as this feature is integrated, count me in!!! Along
    with all my friends and people that take me as their personal
    tech guru 8-)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    How soon until the real-time on access scanner is added?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Any news on the On-Access part?

    I have ClamAV on my linux server for incoming email and
    scheduled server-share scans, but that doesn't protect my
    desktops... (Both my wife and myself unfortunately have apps
    that do not run on Linux, even in Wine and derivatives, and
    have no Linux equivalents...)



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