New Languages

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    It adds to support to others linguas as: Portuguese Portuguese (Brazil) and others.

    • Mick Weiss

      Mick Weiss - 2005-11-12

      @nobody Du kannst uns hilfen und eine email Addresse hinterlassen. Wie koennen wir Dich erreichen?

    • EDVauler

      EDVauler - 2005-11-24

      Hello Mick, micliu and others!

      Many helpers will make it easier. I'm interested in enlarging the soon coming german translation team.

      More infos - in German Language - see ClamWin Project Menu "Translations" [ 1313752 ] German Translation!


    • rak

      rak - 2005-06-29

      Im can help with the spanish translations, who shuld I talk to?

      • Russell Phillips

        If you want to translate the on-line documentation, feel free. Just get the English ones from

        We've already got the FAQ in Spanish, but it might need updated. If you want to do the manual/help file, the source (OOo Writer .sxw format & HTML) is in the CVS. Again, just get it and get to work.

        When you're done, either post the documents in the document manager, or (in the case of manual/help file) send me a PDF or .chm file


    • megalith44

      megalith44 - 2005-08-06

      I'd like to help for translation in french; you said to get the English on-line docuentation but how do I know if anybody isn't doing the same job as me ?



    • rak

      rak - 2005-08-16

      Well the on-line doc is fully translated, two things to mark out, one I correct some things in the FAQ that was allready published, and post it again. so there shuld be deleted with the old FAQ (PUF), unless u wont to keep it as history files.
      Second I put some lay-out to the "Update DBs on the USB installation!" so now is a little nicer, If u wont i can do it for the english page too.

      PD: Ill se what can i do with the CVS stuff, though im not so shure how, or where to start.
      PD2: tyrson contact me to coordinate effors so we can divede work and do a better shob ;)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hello, everybody!

      My name is Rafa Lombardino and I'm a professional translator who has been contributing to open-source projects for a while whenever I have some free time from paying jobs. I'd like to help out with the Brazilian Portuguese translation if no one has already started working on it; I can do the proofreading and editing as well if you guys need it too.

      Anyway, just drop me a line at and I'll be glad to help!

      Rafa Lombardino
      RML Language Services

    • Michael

      Michael - 2005-11-01

      Ich bersetzte Clamwin in Deutsch.
      Wenn ihr mithelfen wollt meldet euch!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hallo micliu,
      Ich wrde gerne bei der deutschen bersetzung helfen.
      Wie kann das von statten gehen?