Pietro Moras - 2013-02-12

Dear Sir,
I wander if I could be permitted to use your “ClamWin” source project to test the Eric 5 IDE, operating at Python ver. 3 level.

Since time I'm engaged with an ambitious project of thorough Test & Documentation of such Eric IDE, with resulting “Reports” that can be found at URL: http://eric-ide.python-projects.org/eric-documentation.html
(or URL: http://www.box.net/shared/k64yenrpey )

Now I'm exploring last Eric 5 version, which is designed to operate at Python 3 level, for which I haven't got enough “challenging” source test material. That's why I wander if I could use your project as is, if already at level Python ver. 3, or if you could be interested in letting me trying to update it from Python ver. 2 to the level 3, operating with this Eric 5 IDE. Thanks anyhow for your time.

All the best. Yours,
Pietro Moras

(Ref.: Studio-PM <at> hotmail <dot> com )