ClamWin v0.87

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I just installed a newer version of ClamWin v0.87 and now I can not seem to run a scan. I can not get any updates either. Every time I try running a scan or update it just comes back saying completed, but nothing happened.
    On the Help and About screen it says
    Protecting from 0 Viruses
    Virus DB Version: (main:0; daily 0)
    Update: Unable to retrieve database version

    This leads me to believe there are no database definitions.

    Manually Updating the Virus Database

    To update the virus database manually, download the virus database files main.cvd and daily.cvd and copy them to ClamWin's virus database folder, over-writing the existing files. The virus database files can be downloaded from ClamAV's home page at

    Well I have tried to follow the above Instructions but I am not having any luck in finding main.cdv and daily.cvd Virus DB files.
    Can someone point me in the right direction?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I found the problem.
      It was 'cygwin1.dll'
      I have Open SSH installed.
      When I searched my hard drive for cygwin1.dll, I found 3 directories with this file. Two were the old ones for Open SSH and the third was a newer one for ClamWin.
      I replaced the two older ones then rebooted and now everything is running fine.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It sounds like there are no virus database files, so there won't be existing main.cvd and daily.cvd files to be overwritten. If you follow the instructions and put the downloaded files in the correct directory, then it should work fine.


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