Gam_33 - 2005-11-09

I noticed that the "hidden" directory labelled as "c:\System Volume
Information" couldn't get accessed via the common ClamWin WinXP front-end
version -the latest one, i.e. 0.87.1-, hence generating an error message,
like "an error occured while scanning".
Why, there does exist an easy trick to access this directory and have it
scanned by Clamscan.exe :

  1. Use the "Start/Execute" (1st from the task bar) menu to launch an
    application or a program under the GUI. (the automatic completion -via the
    key "TAB"- isn't enabled for -at least- first degree hidden
    directories -i.e. from the root "c:\"-).
  2. So, fully type "c:\Volume System Information" in the box/windows
    selection. From here, if you simply hit the "Enter" key, the access is still
  3. Instead, hit the key "\" and use the automatic completion to access a
    hidden sub-directory, named like :
    "C:\System Volume
    Information_restore{F231C697-82E3-40A2-87A5-0800671C8768}\", which
    corresponds to the different Restauration Points (RP) made by the system via
    the Registry Manager, with all sorts of sub-dir like "RPxxx", "xxx" being a
    number, two .txt (drivetable.txt, fifo.txt) and two .conf (_driver.cfg,
    _filelst.cfg) files.
  4. Once accessed, there are -at least- two methods to scan :
    a. Under WinXP, use CTRL+A to select all the RPxxx sub-dirs (and the four
    files), right-click and chose "scan with ClamWin". Easiest. It works.

b. Under Dos format Command Line. Longer, but it works well too.

What do you think about it?