I am since today running Clam alongside Free Antivir 6.32.
Antivir is real time scanner but no e-mail-scanner (so Clam takes care of that).
Does that sound like conflict?
How do I see that Clam is active in my Outlook?
How do I see that Clam is intergrated into IE?

I expect from Clam;
To real time scan incoming e-mails automatically - am I right?.

To - on command - scan files downloaded from internet - but how do I do it?

To - on command - scan my computer - took 1h40min first time - reasonable? (seems slow)?

To auto download new sign-files - set it to do at startup.

If you guys could answer my questions and ev. comment on my understanding of this AV.

Sofar runs smootly with Outpost 3.0 FW.

Best Regards
Rivalen (Sweden)