Scanning CHM files take way to long

  • Mike

    Mike - 2005-11-13

    ClamWin 8.7.1 apparently has a problem scanning some files, specifically CHM files. ClamWin takes 24 minutes to scan the Office95.chm file while my other AV program (Avast) will scan this same file in just under one minute. Other CHM files are dramatically slower at scanning as well as compared to my other scanning AV application.

    My other AV program reports that the scan of this file (Office95.chm) resulted in 4,821 files scanned and the size of the file is 27.1 MB.

    Since my resident scanner took only 58 seconds to scan the same file that ClamWin takes 24 minutes to scan it would appear that ClamWin 8.7.1 has a problem of some kind. Other than this problem I really like ClamWin and would recommend it as a stand alone scanner if this problem did not exist.

    Is anyone aware of a problem regarding this with ClamWin version 8.7.1. If so is there a previous version available which does NOT have the this issue.

    I have WIN98SE with 400 mgz Pentium II.

    • Mike

      Mike - 2005-11-16

      I have found out that the scan takes a long time because different from other AV scanners ClamWin actually scan entire files rather than just part of files. I'm happy to hear that ClamWin is totally thorough in their scans.

      Now that I know this is it OKAY (SAFE) to place the CHM (extents) files in the EXLCUSION list for full system scans, which I have found really speeds up the time of scans since the CHM files are so very large?