Virus Found ?

  • Mike

    Mike - 2005-11-16

    After a full scan of my computer the ClamWin report stated that I had 1 infected file. The following line was listed above the ClamWin report:
    c:\Program Files\ClamWin\src\clamav-src.tar.gz: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND

    Is this line telling me where the infected file exists? If this is the case then can someone explain what this means, what the file name is and why it exists in a ClamWin directory?

    I'm not sure what the file name is but the path of the file resides in the ClamWin directory. Since this doens't really make any sense is this possibly a Virus TEST file which always shows when a ClamWin scan is done ?

    Please help me out and explain what this means and if it is really a Virus.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi, I am new to ClamWin but it looks like you have found a test file.

      A scan of my computer turned this up:

      However my settings were not set to quarntine or delete and I am unable to find the file manually or through search. How can I delete it? I have changed my settings to quarantine and will run scan again and although I looked through Documentation I am sure there is some better way.